Monday, March 10, 2014

We have moved!

I have just launched my new wordpress website and it comes with a blog, so from now on you will find me hanging out at this place :D

Friday, February 14, 2014

Postcard Portraits

You've probably come across Postcard Portraits at some time or another, maybe you have some historical family images that date back over 100 years. I've wanted to find out a little bit more about them and when i found this one recently it was the perfect excuse. 

In the early 20th century it was quiet common to get a portrait of oneself produced into a postcard to send to loved ones. There were so many that were never sent as you will find postcards with nothing written on the back (like this example). 

This photo was by Charles F Tinkler who was a photographer in Stanhope around 1902. There is no mention of him beyond 1910 in directories so i reckon this portrait was taken between 1900-1910 as this was the most popular period for these Portrait Postcards. 

So what drew me to this particular portrait? I loved this woman's expression, she looks like she could have been a little stern with a soft side, here she is looking off as if she is thinking about someone or something. And look at the beautiful lace detail on her dress, stunning! 

I bet when she was getting her portrait done she never thought that over 100 years later some other woman would be wondering who she is and why she had her portrait done. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Let's get our Mums in front of the camera

During the week Lorraine & Amanda came into the studio to collect their Couture Session portraits, while we were going through each image, they both agreed how lovely it was to have a portrait of the 3 of them but most important at long last they have a portrait of their Mum. Her wall is adorned with gorgeous images of her kids and grand kids but none of herself. Well not anymore.

get mum in front of the camera

This made me think of the last image I took a photo of my Mum, i did her makeup and took some beautiful images of her but this was long before the Couture Sessions. I have a beautiful portrait of my Mum & Daughter hanging on my wall, but there is an image missing... one my my Mum, my Sister and myself. I'm determined to rectify that in the next few weeks. Watch this space!

How many Mum's have a wall full of images of their kids but none of themselves? I'm determined to change this, I'm starting a campaign to get our Mum's in front of the camera. #mumsportrait

Get in touch if you want your Mum in front of the camera xxx

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clown Noir

I've had a busy day today updating the Clown Noir website including numerous galleries. So what does the Clown have planned for 2014?

The big news is the stage show "This is me".. venues are being booked, including 2 international dates already confirmed (Denmark & America). Its a little dark, journey through a clown's life and career, the highs, the lows and the shows. the over 15yrs audience will be treated to a physical comedy that will evoke empathy, passion and disgust combined with hilarious dark humour

Along with the stage show you will find Clown Noir, Percy Bloodworth and other clowns doing walk about at various Festivals throughout the year.

You can check out the Clown at his website 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Communion Photography

As we approach springtime, there are some Mum's & Dad's whose thoughts turn to organising their child's First Holy Communion. There is so much to do on the run up to the big day, and for some this includes organising someone to capture a few images.

If you do decide to use the services of a photographer then to make life as simple as possible during a hectic time I recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible to guarantee the time that suits your day.

Some families choose to pop into the studio at various time of the day, the most popular time is after the Church and before any festivities, while other families choose to pop into the studio on another day when time isn't so hectic.

Whatever option you choose, I would love to capture that very special moment in your child's life. Check out the video below or head to my website for more images for Communion Photography 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Year Photo Competition

To celebrate the new year you can win a studio photo shoot for up to 6 people. The prize includes the photo shoot, ten 5x7 images, one 10x8 framed image and the digital files, all valued at €325, perfect for the new year!

What do you need to do to win? Its simple...

Like my Facebook page 

Comment & Share this image

T&C* Competition closes on 31 January* Winner will be announced the 1st February* Prize to be used by 30th March* You can comment & share as many times as you like* Facebook has nothing to do with this competition

Best of luck!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Capturing a Personality

When i photograph kids I want their Mum or Dad to see their child's personality in a single image. We usually get a 20 minute window to do this in. The most important thing is to let them be themselves. Talk to them, ask them questions, let them play and just sit and watch for "that moment".

Check out some of the young people who have popped into the studio for their portrait:

Click here to check out the rest of our gallery on our website or drop me a line on to find out more :)