Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad Girls & Scrap West

This weeks class on Bad Girls is design elements, we have to choose one, I have picked Shape.

"Triangles suggest action. They can convey either conflict or strength. Triangles can direct movement rather than moving themselves, they point the way"

I picked the triangle to represent the conflict I have in relationships, to suggest me always moving my decisions, not knowing what i want or rather wanting it all. Hoping that one day I find my way.

This week in Scrap West the theme was set by Jackie and was called Going Dotty :) This is a photo of Shona and I with our Crocs and Jibitz. Shona was very slow on the take up of wearing Crocs, however this summer she couldn't wait to get a pair and to pick out her Jibitz too :)

Have a fabby weekend :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lustful thoughts...

...anyone who knows me knows how lustful I am, ha ha! But since this is a family blog I had to scrap something suitable for a general audience for the Scrap West blog, the theme this week being "Seven deadly sins - pick one"... Just one?

From the day I saw Lisa Browns Scraproom i was in LUST! I didn't envy her as all Scrapbookers root for each other, I really lusted after a room like hers, its just so neat and tidy, loads of light, really well organised and in RED! I contacted Lisa to make sure it was ok to use photos of her Scraproom, which she kindly gave me permission to use (good thing as the LO was done already, ha ha!), she also informed me this was her "old" scraproom - i forgot to ask what she did with it... I have images of it sitting on the trash heap of unwanted scrap spaces (OMG! the horror). Anyways, thanks Lisa... one day, when i win the lotto or find my sugar daddy, I'm going to have a scrap space like yours (even if its only like that for 5 mins)

This weeks class in Bad Girls was texture and dimension. It was really unusual to design a page with these two aspects in mind, rather than letting the page evolve. It took 2 days for me to decide on the final look and when I glued the flowers down, it looked exactly the same as my first choice.....The photo of Shona was tken first thing saturday, you can see she is a morning person :) The papers are from Crafteire, its the new Cherry Arte collection called Kitty Lou - the ones Amber Jane named!!!! Love them all, just so beautiful:)
I don't think I mentioned my new motto.. "Just Do It".. I have a habbit of thinking things through, thinking of every outcome in every situation, so when I was asked to go on a blind date recently I spent 3 days making up my mind whether or not I would, then I spent about a week thinking about why I think so much...... So eventually when I did make up my mind I also decided that I needed a motto, hence "Just Do It". So now when I find myself thinking a bit too long about a decision I just remind myself to "Just Do It"..... then 3 days later I do it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bad Girls Assignment #1

Assignment #1 for the Bad Girls Top Designer was colour theroy. Turquoise is one of my favoutite colours. It looks so fresh, crisp and calm. However i really love the combination of turquoise with more muted colours such as brown and beige, which i believe warms up such a cool colour. The meaning of Turquoise: calming, emotional healing, protection, refreshing, sophisticated.

The papers are DCWV, turquoise and beige cardstock and chipboard letter which i covered with brown ink and turquoise paint.
There is some amazing LO's on the gallery and there's still time to sign up and get your assignment in by thursday night!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Scrap West - Back to School

This weeks theme was set by Lainey and was back to school. Shona looks really pensive in this photo (which i love) the camera is really producing amazing photos I am so happy I invested :-) My little sweetie doesn't like school at all! So I do hope this year that she enjoys it more than anything else. Mind you this week has been really good! Keep fingers crossed :-)

Have a fabby weekend all :-)

And the winner is......

Thank you all who left a comment on the Blog Celebration post. I put all the names into an envelope and pulled out one winner and it is ...


Congrats Evonne, hope you enjoy the box. p.s. email me your addy please.

Keep posted for some BIG news from Scrap West :-)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Are you a Bad Girl?

Tracie posted up on her blog an image that made me drool, follow a link and sign up to a 6 session contest... now what would make anyone do that???? You got to see that amount of stash they are giving away! And all from fantastic sponsors. If you want to be a Bad Girl, you have until the 7th of September to sign up.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


I've just finished reading a book called The Secret which was sent to me by Audrey at a time that I was feeling quite low. Not only did it help me through this stage but I also found it very inspirational. It is the type of book you need to keep on your bookshelf and dip into every now and then.

One of the chapters talks about being grateful for what we have in our lives. I was so inpsired that I knew I just had to dedicate a LO to it. Each of the tags in the pocket journals what I am grateful for... Shona, Family, Friends, Home and being Creative.

The papers were a birthday pressie from Caroline, they are from the Basic Grey Infuse collection. There are gorgeous diecut flowers which are perfect to use as embelishments.

Thank you both Audrey and Caroline :-)