Sunday, April 29, 2007


Oh the weather was gorgeous yesterday! After spending a morning not doing much, Shona and I went to a party for her cousins communion. What a beauty she is, so natural. I captured a few photos of her, doesn't she look amazing!

Shona slpet for about 4 hours the night before (which is not like her!!!) so she wasn't in the best of form. I did get a few smiley shots of her, which are perfect for scrapping! Now I just have to find the right paper to match her top.... anyone know where i can get it??? LOL!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bumbleberry CJ

Last weekend at Carfteire we got to swap back our Bumbleberry Cirlce Journals. I am so touched with the beautiful LO's these ladies did, and I feel I know them a little bit more. Thank you so much, you are all so talented.

Check out the girls Blogs, Tigger, Caroline, Maura. Izzy & Noelle get some blogs girls, it would be wonderful to read what goes on in your lives!!!

The theme for the CJ was......

.... either the top things you want to do or one thing youor really want!





I have to say, this was the best organised CJ ever!!! I know there was a few hicups but Caroline was superb, keeping track of everyone and all the girls were brilliant at keeping to the posting dates, it was such a pleasure :-)
Thanks for loooking!

Belgium Chocolates & Brussels Sprouts

Bonjour and Hallo, just back (since thursday) after a few days training in Belgium. The company decided to get each of the marketing departments together to train and bond :-) There was Portugal, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium and Ireland, talk about International Relations. HQ is in Brussels but we stayed in a place called Edegem near Antwerp.

Because it was such a short visit we didn't get to see much of the country. With 2 hours to spare before the flight on wednesday, Joke (pronounced Yoka) brought myself and two others to a town called Machelem near Brussels for a quick visit. She was brilliant, bringing us to the chocolate shop for pressies and then to a bar to taste the local beer, yummy!!! I got a a few photos with my phone of a beautiful square with the most fantastic buildings, the architecture was amazing!!

Crafteire was amazing, it was wonderful meeting up with the girls and making friends with some new faces :-) Unfortunatley the batteries died in my camera, so no photos. I'll have to rob them off everyone else :-) Roll on Crafteire 2008!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

London by Taxi

My sides hurt, I don't think I ever laughed so much. At the airport today as we recalled what happened over the weekend strangers around us were laughing so much their sides were splitting too! I can't remember half of what we laughed at, but most of it happened in the numerous Taxi's we travelled in.

Saturday was fantastic! We didn't go to Liz's at all but Dianes previous residence, Kensington Palace, which was bought as Kensington House by Willaim of Orange and rebuilt into a Palace. The reason why I mention William of Orange is that my birthday is on William of Orange Day and as my Dad dig's with his left foot he wanted to call me Willamina. All I can say is thank goodness my mother didn't give into that one!!!!

Afterwards he headed to Harrods, for a quick lookie, especially in the most delis food hall. Then off to one of my now favourite shops of all!!! Swarovski! I've always loved their crystals but never dared purchased, well i did this time.
We also bought Eve the most gorgeous pair of crystal earings. After this we headed to Harvey Nics, which I have to say is so over priced but was still fun to browse the handbags starting at £300!
The pre Theatre meal in the Criterion was perfect. The restaurants looked like a Russian tea room with gold mosiac ceilings, columed arches and palms trees everywhere. Around the corner from the restaurant was Her Majesty's Theatre where the hi-light of our trip took place. I've been to a few musicals in my time, but this was magical. The singing, the sets, the drama of it all.... If you've never been, well then its time you did! We finished off our night drinking a few cocktails back at the fantastic Crowne Plaza (a place I would recommend if you are staying in London).

This morning we took a quick trip to a local Market where we purchased a few pressies for ourselves, LOL! All in all, the package was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about heading to London for the weekend.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

'ello, 'ello, 'ello, whats going on here then

I am sitting in my hotel room in London writing this from my bed on the TV. How cool is that! We've had a wonderful first evening here.

The flight from Shannon wasn't a bother, except for a little turbulence where my SIL lost most of her champagne. The taxi driver was fab and the hotel is just amazing. its called the Crowne Plaza and its so central. WE had the most amazing Italian meal last night, italian meats like salami followed by the lightest pasta I've ever tasted, all washed down with the most beautiful savingon blanc(sp?), yummy!

Today we are heading to Liz's house (HRH) for a princess Diane tour, i plan to be ther for about 10 mins, then off to Harrods, Harvey Nics and Swarzcov (sp? again). Tonight its dinner and then Phantom of the Opera.

Right, I think its time to peel myself off the bed and hit the town!

See ya all very soon.

Goodbye from London

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

feeling inspired

Isn't it wonderful when you find inspiration in the midst of doing something else... this happened to me this evening :-)

While Shona and I were out for a walk in UL, I came across a wonderful building that houses the Health Science department at the University. Now anybody who knows me knows how much I love architecture, so to find a gem like this when I wasn't expecting it was fantastic. I was also fortunate to have remembered my camera, planning on taking a few shots of Shona (not at her, LOL). None of these shots were edited, they were taking as is. It brought me back to my college days when we would wonder the streets of Limerick trying to capture unusual images, most of us returning to the college with the same shots.

I'm going to have to lock myself away for a few days, dust off the acrylics and get painting :-)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Scrap West #24

This weeks them was set by Annamarie and is called Scrap Lift. The idea was to find a LO that you found inspirational and ScrapLift. I found a wonderful LO by Jlyne Hanback called Read. Jlyne kindly gave me permission to scrap lift her LO. I really like the dimensions of this and the fact there was so much cardstock visible.

My own version is an 8x8 for my Book of Me. I used the Twirl Collection from Crate Paper, oooh I love this stuff so much, its so girlie and sweet.

Off now to do loads more scrapping :-) Happy Easter to all, enjoy all the yummy chocolate!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

As promised...

... the complete LO. This is inspired by a wonderful poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer called The Invitation. As soon as I read the words, I knew I wanted to scrap it some how, without using pictures (an unusual departure for me). The Basic Grey papers were just perfect for this LO. The pocket holds a booklet with the complete poem, so the recipient can dip into it every now and then... and if his reaction was anything to go by, I know he appreciated it. I am planning on doing a series of canvases based on this poem pour moi, so I'll keep you posted on there progress.

If you get a chance read the poem (see link above), keep coming back to it, pick out the bits that are meaningful to you. Every time I read it, there is something new and profound. At this moment in time my favourite piece is...

It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ok..... I know I've been missing in action and its been sooooo long since I updated this thing but sometimes real life gets in the way of cyber life and truly that is a great thing! A few things have happened since last I posted, all good...

...But firstly this evening I gave my over grown lawn a bit of a hack, the smell of the freshly cut grass gave me a sense that summer is really on its way and so to celebrate I decided to refresh the blog too by giving it a new banner dedicated to the spring season. So make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, we could be here awhile.

Work is really progressing with loads of training envolved. Last week I was in Dublin over night and met up with the ever talented Lainey, we had a fab night going to see a friend of hers art exhibition, then later catching up over a few drinkies. I'm also heading to Brussels for more training the day after Crafteire and all I can think of is all that yummy chocolate I'll have to sample while there :-) Gosh, I have it hard, LOL!

My wonderful Mum had her 70th birthday party two weekends ago, so there was alot of preperation envolved, not only organising the event but also making a few things for her too :-) The weekend was amazing with loads of pampering in the Renaissance Suite at the Radisson in Limerick. If you ever want to treat yourself (go on you deserve it!) I'd hightly recommend this place, all I can say is WOW!!!! Her girls are taking her to London for the weekend as her birthday gift (we gotta treat ourselves too), another gift she got was from my niece Deborah and it was a voucher for a tattoo... and yes she did at the age of 69 my Mother got her first tattoo, I'm so proud :-)

On the scrappy front besides Scrap West and making the gifts for my Mum, there's loads of creative projects on the go. At the moment I'm mainly getting ready for Crafteire, the classes are nearly finished. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone, taking a few classes and buying loads and loads of stash! I've just finished an A4 LO using the scrummy Basic Grey Scarlet Letters papers. As its a gift I can only show you a teeny piece of it but I'll post up the full LO soon... promise!...

.... Oh yeah and there is someone putting a smile on my face these days too, thought I'd sneak that one in :-)

So thats all the news, yeah its been busy, but sure life is good and thats all that matters. I hope all you wonderful creative ladies are all well, can't wait to see you soon.

Eva x