Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a great party!!!

Thank you Tigger for organising, your party's are always the best :-) Ok I didn't get all the classes and challenges done, and Bingo on saturday was interupted by a surprise :-) but Sunday afternoon in the company of Crafty Kate was very productive!!!

First up is Elisa's great decoration class, loved this idea soi much I'm going to do a series of them for the tree :-) Thank you Elisa!

Next up is the talented Amberjanes class, gorgeous as ever and lovely titles to print out and use. Ok nowhere near as beautiful but a great start to the christmas 8x8 album i have planned, hee hee!

Then a card from our Card Queen Jackie, this is such a great idea, which can be made into a card or a mini book.
Inside to be finished with greeting:

Ok, time to tidy up, there is paper, ribbon and glue everywhere! Thanks Tigger again for organising a great party :-)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its Party Time....

...over on Craftsupplies. Tigger decided to host a Christmas Party just to get us in the festive spirit! Mind you a few glasses of mulled wine would do the same but not as much fun, mwhahahaha! There are loads of wonderful classes, ranging from decorations to cards to LO's. Check out the full list here

Shona and I have a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree the weekend of the Toy show (is it early this year???), so this LO is dedicated to this tradition. Instructions on how to do the LO can be found here. Right off to party, mulled wine recipe at hand, hee hee! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

She's well again

The poor babes has had it tough the last few days, starting with her being ill last tuesday, she was still sick on thursday when the doc said she needed to go to hospital, he suspected it was her appendics.... both John and myself felt different as she never complained about sore tummy until doc started poking.

After hours of tests, they eventually admited her and said it was her tonsils, she spent a few days there but is home and in great form. Shona wants to say to everyone, "thank you very much for your messages, they made me so much better"

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Can you tell that we had a few scoops???

Oh yeah you can, PMSL!!! Another month another Soiree, gosh we have it tough! The food and the company were as ever brilliant! I had tears rolling down my face, all night! John and Ber are so bold, you two are really kindred spirits (perverts more like, hahahahaha!).

Viv treated us to the most delis food, starting with home made roasted tomatoe soup, slurp!!! For mains it was Lasagne, salad and focaccia... oh drool! And the desert...... chocolate and fudge cake straight from the oven..... hot melted fudge with cool vanilla icecream..... Gosh i'm hungry just thinking about it! Thank you babes for treating us like royalty :-)

Oh god i hate this pic... i look so "take the picture already"

I think Fi was thinking the same thing, hahahaha! All you need is a pearl earing Fi :-)
And no photo of Ray.... I know there is one in here somewhere, will update later :-) Ahhhh here he is (*hi Ray), I swear Ray isn't a little fuzzy, thats my photographoc skills after a few scoops, hee hee!
After a few scoops, Ber and I decided to drunkingly try one of Anita's style images that she showed us at Mega Scrap last week in an Irish way..... ok, we need to practice, mwhahaha!

Ciao for now :-)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

MEGA- mega scrap!

Well now Donna Downey, you have a lot to answer for girl!!! There was me happy to go on in life without my scrappy mojo (photography mojo only)... and you go and introduce us to watercolour crayons on chipboard... well talk about being side swiped! When the class was over I couldn't buy enough chipboard in the shops... AND I've even been doing some homework! Seriously though, what a great class, really loosened up the creative juices! I've been working on the album since at it is just sooooo colourful! Thanks you so much! I also have to mention that Donna is an entertaining teacher, its not just about the class, its about the whole experience!

The class Kits were amazing as ever and we learned sooooo many new techniques. But as usual hte best part is seeing all the creative women again! I forgot how long it was (probably Crafteire) but its like picking up where we left off! I only took a few photos as I was far too busy crafting (hahaha). Jackie C and Tigger were sitting up beside Ber and I, up at the front where the teachers could keep an eye out for us!

Lainey and Annamarie did such a wonderful job looking after each and everyone of us! Its such a mamoth task but everything was thought of! The location was perfect but next time nearer to home would be better, hahaha! I'd say the girls are happy its over with... I'm sure they nearly pulled their hair out on more than one accasion.......

But they stilled looked calm, if a little nutty, hahaha!

All the classes were really good, I did prefer Donna's classes, only becasue its more my thang! Anita's photography slide show was inspirational, with great advice on taking portraits, alot of which I'm going to try out with my own photographs! The other class.....

.... well I learned that crochet just isn't my bag baby!

Thanks to everyone who made this a great day! Roll on the next mega scrap event!!!