Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wowzer, what a weekend! It was non stop! Shona has gone off withy her dad for 2 weeks holiday and while at first I was feeling very lonely I soon realised I had so much freedom :-) - still love my baby, but will have withdrawl symptoms when she comes home!

On Sunday I returned from Co.Clare (visited my fabby sister, drinks, chat and a little bitching) and met up with Viv at the local pub for a few drinks with her family. This is something I normally wouldn't do because Shona would be coming back on Sunday evening and I prefere to be drink free! After the pub I headed off to Viv's for scrummy food her gorgeous hubbie made (along with some yummy starters from the local indian). But before the food her two beautiful girls posed for a few shots. It is so refreshing to take photographs other than Shona, the cat and myself.

Just look at those beautiful eyes :-) looks like butter wouldn't melt, Ha!

This one reminds me of 1980's punk with attitude - which so suits her personality!

I've recently discovered Gimp, which is free to download and is excellent for editing images.

Tonight I'm heading to Ber's home for dinner a little photography. She joined the Limerick Camera Club last year and is loving it. We had such a laugh last wednesday using a slow shutter speed and writing our names with light, will have to post those up soon.

Ciao for now!

Eva x

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Market

Early this morning I decided to head to the market. I love the food there, tarts, chocolate, humus, sundried tomatoes, cheese and bread. This time I brought my camera too with the idea of taking a few shots of the yummy produce. It is a great opportunity to photograph various food stuffs :-) The light was perfect too, a little over cast but still perfect.

After the market I headed to John & Ray's for our usual tarts 'n' coffee. I was telling them about my photography one to one next week with a view to taking portraits. They kindly said yes to act as my models over the next few months while I practice. I brought out the camera and took a few shots of them (I'm sure they won't mind if I post a two up). The lighting was really poor ('twas raining) and I didn't want to use a flash so we took the images as close to the window on a setting of F5.6 and 1/200. They had to be lightened slightly in photofiltre but I'm still happy with the images considering the conditions.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Scrapwest - Friends

This weeks theme for Scrapwest is called Friends. Such a perfect theme for me at this time as I have discovered recently true friendship. The photos below are from my birthday meal at the Red Door Restaurant. I couldn't have asked for better people to celebrate with.

Love you all xxx

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I am one lucky girl, look what I bought.... a Canon EOS 400d. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it arrived while I was away. I got the twin lens kit which comes with an extra lens and grip. Look at the bed hair, LOL! I have the flu at the moment and am as weak as a kitten, but when ever i get the energy I take out the camera and play, just like a kid :-)

The first thing I did was read the instructions - first time ever, LOL! I've been trying out different settings, one of the things I really love about this camera is the setting are on the LCD when you preview the image, so you know exactly how it was taken. The photo of baby was taken on 1/60, 5.6 - I wanted to focus on her and blur the background.

The photo of Shona was taken 0"3, 5.6 - I wanted to capture movement with a longer shutter speed. Off to play again.... well after a lie down first, I'm exhausted LOL!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brussels photos

The quality of these shots are only ok, it was dark, I had no tripod and had a few drinks under my belt (LOL!) so I'm quiet happy with them considering. On tuesday night Joke (Yoka), Anne and An brought Nicola and I out for the most beautiful meal, afterwards the took us on a tour of Brussels. I got very excited when they mentioned Manekin Pis, my Dad had told me about him on my last trip, so I was really looking forward to seeing it.....

Manekin Pis - I was very surprised at how small he was, LOL, well Manekin means small man. I would have missed him if I wasn't with locals. Seemingly he is famous for peeing on a fire which stopped Brussels from burning to the ground - you see size doesn't matter LOL!

Janekin Pis is a piss take (hee hee - sorry) on Manekin Pis, she was built in 1985 and you would have to be with a local to find her, she's down a lane way near a few nite clubs and restaurants.

Grand Plaza is a huge square surrounded by amazing architecture, the above photo is the City Hall. At 11pm every evening there is a light show to music with the focus on this building.

This is the Gallery, a type of shopping centre in Brussels, it is very french looking. I love the height of the ceilings and the couple in the foreground show the dimension of the building.

At the end of the night the girls brought Nicola (seen on the right) and I to a little square surrounded by bars, there was even some guys playing bowls, very french. The locals really know how to live. I had a cocktail with rum, mint leaves, crushed ice and lime, it was scrummy (still can't remember the name of it).

The tour really made the trip worth while, ok I know I was there to work but I would hate to miss an opportunity to see local architecture :-)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Birthday photos

Hey there, well made it back in one piece, after delayed flights and a night in Dublin I eventually got home. I got loads of work done but I'm a home bird and was looking forward to getting back to my own place!

I've loaded up a slide show of my wonderful friends who celebrated with me my birthday last weekend :-) The company was fantastic and the food amazing. I love you all so much and feel so lucky to have you in my life! Viv, Tigger, Caroline, Ber and I finished off the night with champers back at my house (a pressie from Valerie - thanks Val it was scrummy!)

The next day Tigger, Caroline, Ber and I spent the day scrapbooking, we had a blast, chatting and being a bit creative too! When the girls left I had to go and pack a bag for Brussels (photos to follow)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bonjour from Brussels

Just a quick post to say bonjour from Brussels. Training has finished and I have a few hours in the office here before my flight tonight. Mind you its not all work and no play!!!! The girls in the Corporate office brought Nicola (UK) and I out last night for food, drink and sight seeing, photos to follow :-)

The birthday meal on saturday was fantastic with loads of fun, fantastic food and wonderful company. I'll upload those photos when I have a moment to spare. A big thank you to all who were there Viv, Fiona, John, Ray, Tigger, Caroline, Louise, Valerie and Ber. I was spolit rotten with wonderful gifts (of course I deserve it), what a lucky girl I am to have such wonderful friends, love you all!

Right, signing off now, looking forward to being in my own bed tonight, even if it will be late.

Au revoir :-)

Friday, July 13, 2007

ok go

I love Ok Go, especially A Million Ways to be Cruel. The video is so clever and funny, it spawned a huge competition on You Tube where you had to load up your version of the video, some were really weird and others sooooo funny but there is nothing like the original. So sit back and enjoy :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whats another year?

Well last night at about 12:30 I got a text from a friend wishing me a happy birthday... thats right I was 35 for a whole half hour and I didn't even realise, LOL! I didn't feel any older actually I felt really good, as if my whole life is ahead of me, that a new adventure has already begun. I love my life!

As well as the adventure, there are a few things I would like in my 35th year:

1. Another Tattoo
2. New Camera and photography classes - both of which have been organised
3. Keep up my fitness regime
4. Constantly make time for me

I didn't want to make a huge list just a few things that were important to me at this time.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday night, a gang of us are going to Lenny's restaurant, The Red Door for me birthday, check out the website www.thereddoorrestaurant.com (imagine i did that page for them over a year ago - cripes). The food is glourious, the atmosphere so relaxed and the location is breath taking!!!

For the time being can you raise your glass/coffee cup please, and wish us all a happy day!

Friday, July 06, 2007


I find great comfort in sharing with people how I feel, not just the sharing to lessen the burden but also with them sharing similar stories with me. The comfort comes from knowing I am not the only person who has ever felt like this, it comes from seeing them happy now and knowing they got through the pain and are living life to the full. It comes from knowing that with each passing day the hurt will become less and less of what i actually feel.

I found a huge amount of comfort from something Orla said at Curves this week. It was time for me to be weighed and measured and I wasn't sure how I had done. When she told me that I had lost 6lbs, an inch off my waist and an inch off my abdomen I wasn't really surprised, as my appetite has not been the best recently. She asked how did I manage to loose that amount, I replied with tears in my eyes "heartache". She told me that when she last had her heart broken she lost a stone in 2 weeks, this felt like another revelation, I'm not alone, others have been through this. She quickly followed it up with "look at me now, I'm putting on weight because I'm so happy and in love" Hee hee!

Already I smile more with each passing day. I think less of the person who hurt me with each passing day and I know one day I will realise it has been weeks since I last thought of him. This is life. Bring it on!!!