Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lush 4 Limerick

Oh-kay, I know its been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages but I have been busy you know, hahahaha! I've been creatvice, travelling and loving Lush loads :D

On facebook I've created a group called Lush 4 Limerick with over 100 members, we've sent emails, postcards and now we have the billboard campaign and all this done for free!!! We won this through Wispa Gold, with 2 locations in Belfast & Derry. Thanks to Caroline from school (*waves at Caroline) i got these photos :D how cool is that :D

Dormans Wharf, Derry

Ooooo, what do i spy...

Its Lush 4 Limerick... in Derry, hahahaha

Ciao for now, will load up photos and crafty stuff soon, i promise - hee hee xxx

***Ooooops, incase you're wondering what Lush is, check out www.lush.co.uk there are shops in Cork, Dublin and Belfast :D