Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have you tried....

... cheese and onion Taytos and chocolate TOGETHER? Well I have for the first time and all I can say is YU-UM-MY!!!! In work we just happened to be talking about chocolate (as you do...) when one of my work girlies mentioned the combination. My first thought was YUCK, but I was persauded to go purchase the ingredients, assemble the combination and then devour. So if you have not tried it out yet then rush out to the local shop and purchase your favourite choccie and a bag of cheese and onion Taytos.
P.S. If you have a favourite weird combinations can you leave a link please :-) I'm feeling very adventurous!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Found this on Elsie's blog and thought it was cool. Check out the "get your own" for a bit of fun


Saturday, May 26, 2007

R & R

My little woman and I rested up today, we chilled watching TV, we shoped for treats and had a fab lunch in the Pizza Hut :-) I got this gorgeous photo of my babes chilling on the couch and had to scrap it straight away (any excuse for me to relax too). Believe it or not this is a 12x12 ... I used the scrummy Oodles Of Doodles from Upsy Daisy Designs (check out the Crafteire shop), chipboard shapes, felt and buttons.

The flower chipboard was done by covering with white acrylic paint (a trick from Tracie is to use baby wipes to apply the paint in layers - it dries very quickly!). I then applied dots of glossy accents for a little bit of texture.

Kirsty's Photo

Last sunday the wonderful Tigger hand delivered the CD of photo's from Kirsty. They look grand but I think I prefere the untouched ones, wrinkles and all (LOL). Anyway it was a wonderful oppurtunity to get photos done by Kirsty.

Shona and I are going to spend the day relaxing, ok we do have to do some food shopping and maybe a few treats for the little woman too :-) but the rest of the day is just chilling :-)

Have a lovely day all!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Life is a Rollercoaster

... isn't it though! So much has happened since last I posted, well not so much, just one major thing really.

My little girl has been in hospital since last Sunday with pneumonia. I thought it was a bug as she has a temperature and was constantly sick. When we brought her to the doc on sunday he thought it was appendicitis, so straight to the hospital. The poor babes was really out of it with a fever so as soon as they put her on a drip I felt more relaxed. The blood tests showed she had an infection but they couldn't tell where... She had no cough or sniffles so it was a huge surprise when after the chest x-ray the docs said it was pneumonia.

Two days after the anti-b's and about 13 hours straight sleep, she awoke nearly back to herself (what a relief!). She came out today, yipee!!! I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight with my little girl. As alot of you probably know its impossible to sleep on the ward with beeps going off through our the night and the pull out bed isn't the most comfortable! Anyways, she was let out today, which was really a good thing as last night she woke up and asked me to sneak her out (LOL).

There was very little to do in hospital except wait, read and watch TV, but one of the days I brought my sketch book. I haven't sketched in aaaaaages so they are a little rough and Shona decided they need a little work and added her own little touches :-)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Twilight Racing

Yesterday evening myself and 2 other girls from work headed to a Twilight Race Meeting in Limerick Racecourse... talk about hilarious!!! None of us had a clue what we were doing and hadn't a clue how to read "the form" either but sure that didn't stop us from betting big money (€2 to place or each way ).
We picked our horses by their horsey names... we quickly scanned the list in each race to see something that would pop out or mean something no matter how obscure. I was very dissapointed, any of the horses I picked didn't place very well, whereas the 2 girls were picking winners each time... So by the 5th race I got very excited when I saw the name Crafty Eyed. I thought the gods were smiling down on me or giving me a sign that this was going to be my winner!!! ..... well all I can say is that Crafty Eyed is still running (@#%*^%)
After the races the Hot House Flowers played in the pavillion, Liam and the boys were soooooo cool, giving it loads! Mind you so was Ailis and I, we danced most of the evening with poor Ann minding our bags (she didn't want to be seen anywhere near us). I didn't realise how loud the music was (or how old I was) until we left the pavillion and I kept asking the girls "am I shouting?" the two girls kept repling "what?" LOL!
Anyways, we had a blast and I would recommmend it to anyone!!! The next one is on the 16th June and Jack L is playing after the races (coooool!). Check out Limerick Races for more info.
Ciao and have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Holy Communion

My little princess is growing up sp fast! Yesterday was her First Holy Communion and what a wonderful day it was. From the moment she woke up to when she eventually went to bed she was so excited, which was a relief considering how nervous she was during the lead up to it.

The ceremony itself was very special, with each child playing a part. Shona brought a gift to the alter, you could see the concentration on her face. One of things Shona was worried about was the taste of the eucharist. When she did receive it and turned to walk back down to her seat, she glanced over at me, screwed up her face and mouthed the word "yuck", you could hear a little murmer of laughter throughout the church.

Of course there was a few emotional moments for me, how proud I was of my beautiful young girl. I really felt part of a special occasion, sharing it with my Mum and Shona's dad. When the priest talked about the children being so open, trusting and forgiving it really tugged at my heart. The tears were freely rolling down my cheeks :-)

The party back at the house was so relaxed! Our guests started arriving at about 2pm and kept coming all day. Everyone commented on the gorgeous food that my wonderful sister prepared for us and the wine was just delish!!!

I have to say, there was no stress for me even with the run up to the event. When people offered to help I siad "yes, please", I even asked for help on a few occasions, which as my family know can be very difficult (being stubborn and independent). The day would not have been the success it was without the help of my Mum and Dad, my sister and John :-)

On a serious note, the cosmic forces were working over time yesterday. After my parents left the house to go to Kerry, they were envolved in a very serious accident at the Dublin roundabout. They were hit from behind by a jeep, which got caught on my parents jeep. The driver seemed to be accelerating rather than breaking as he was pusing them at speed towards an ESB pole. Only for my dad having the presence of mind to pull on the hand brake I don't think they would have made it. As they broke free and my Mum got control of the jeep, the other vehicle flipped over twice and landed up-side-down.
We're not sure how the other driver is as he was taken away by ambulance but my Mum and Dad are ok, just very shaken up. My poor Mum said to me last night, all she could think as she was being pushed towards the pole, was that they were going to die on Shona's communion.
I know that sounds very depressing but I am feeling thankful to who ever was looking after my parents yesterday. Its times like this you become grateful for what is in your life. Shona and I tell my parents how much we love them everytime we see them. At least that is one thing I am thankful for!
Life can change in a second, so please if there is someone you need to pick up the phone to and tell them you love them, do it now!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I would like to dedicate this post to....

..... a wonderful woman, mother and scrapbooker, whom I never knew had a blog until today! She lives on an island off Donegal and eveytime I hear her stories about travelling by boat to the mainland in all kinds of weather, I think to myself, what a fantastic adventure this woman and her family are having! Here's to you Noelle. Check out her Blog with gorgeous photos of her kids and sample what life must be like on Tory Island.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Basic Grey

Well I am so chuffed, I submitted The Invitation LO to the Basic Grey gallery and I've just got an email to say the LO was selected for the gallery, yipee!!! I'm so excited, its the first time I submitted something to them :-) Below is the LO, you can check out Basic Grey for a peep.

Below is the LO for the Scrapwest Blog. The theme was My Craft, which was to celebrate the wonderful weekend we all had at Crafteire. There is a common feel on this weeks theme, our love for our craft. Something we all understand only too well :-)