Saturday, February 09, 2008

Partee Photos


OMG!!! What a laugh, i don't think i danced so much in my life - more like moshing. I drank like a fish {do fish drink?} and have no hang over, just still a little light headed :) Not smoking wasn't a problem, i just drank and danced more :) Ber asked me a few weeks ago to go to a fancy dressed party with her and i'm so glad i did. Chris the birthday boy was such a sweetie even getting a cake for Dana and Ber whose birthday it was too.

I dressed up as an "old devil called Love", I borrowed Shona's devil horns, and wrote on a red T. I'd recommend wearing devil horns any day, we started off in the White House and this guy came running over to me as asked "are you a horny devil"... i said "i am now" hee hee! Oh and a photographer from the paper took our photo...

We moved onto Scotts Bar which has a great venue downsatirs for a party. As you can see Ber was a cowgirl and I love the photo of her drinking the beer wearing the mustache, can't wait to scrap it :) Right off to flake out on the couch for the evening, need my energy for tomorrow as a gang of us from the photo club are heading out for the afternoon with our cameras. Ciao for now. x.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Look what i treated myself to....

i had my eye on a writing desk 3 months ago in Instore, when i went to buy it in the new year it was sold {*sniff sniff} but they promised me they had an identical make in their store in town.... so weeks later {today} i trotted off to town at lunch time to purchase this gorgeous writing desk :)
It is designed for computers, its got a hole at the back for all the wires so it looks nice and neat :) I've really hated looking at all the wires for the last 5 years and now i don't have to!!!! oh i'm so happy! And i'll have it paid for in 3 months with the money i used to spend on smokes :)

I lurves it soooooooooooo much :@)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

the girls are back in town

and they are back for good!

I have one happy little woman, her best friends are back in Ireland for good. They left last June for Scotland and Shona was so upset. But at Christmas their daddy got a full contract with the college so they've decided to stay here! The girls spent the afternoon with us, crafting, playing twister, watching dvd's and eating pasta. We really all had a great time and looking forward to doing it again really soon :)