Monday, March 26, 2012

Red, Yellow and Green Wedding Card

My cousins daughters wedding was fast approaching and I wanted to make a card with a difference. Inspired by her colours of red, yellow and green I wanted to create a card that wasn't a traditional wedding card. I trawled through my supplies of scrapbook papers and found a combination of colours that were close. 

At first I found it difficult to see how they would work but as soon as I coloured the chipboard letters I was happy with the combination and there were a number of elements that I wanted to include such as the hearts, rose and bunting, a lot on one card but by keeping to a theme of colours makes it work.

Congratulations again to Lorraine & Nigel, we had a fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed the unusual wedding card :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scrapbooking Limerick

I started a group on Facebook recently called Scrapbooking Limerick as a community resource for those interested in crafting in the Limerick area, check out Not only are we doing scrapbooking but anything crafty & creative. The first crops and classes takes part between 31st March & 1st April with the 1st already booked out.

Email for any information about the upcoming class or the crops that will be happening on an ongoing basis.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcycle an old dresser

Simon and I were looking for an old sideboard or dresser online for a few weeks to do up, then i came across a link to an number of 60's & 70's furniture on sale in Newcastlewest. We went to view a 70's style sideboard, however when we saw it we knew it wouldn't be suitable but we came across this 60'd formica unit and both of us said yes :)


There was a huge amount of work that needed to be done before we could start decorating... stripping all the paper on the shelves, remove the back and base, wash the unit with dettol to remove the musty smell. All handles and hinges removed and cleaned.

Next step was to sand the unit, and I mean really sand it, this took nearly half a day with dust everywhere, Yuck! Then 3 coats of paint with 16 hours between coats. I really thought at this stage we'd never finish it. But we persevered!

Then when the final coat was dry it was time to wallpaper, the new back and the interior shelves, along with putting the handles and hinges back on and new cup hooks replaced.


The total cost of all the materials was under €50 and It took Simon and I over a week to do the work. Now that it is part of our home we love admiring the unit and are very proud of the time and effort we put into it. Would we do it again?...... Not a hope, hee hee!