Sunday, October 26, 2008

If you go down to the woods today....'re sure of a big surprise... the sun might even come out even for a moment!

I was wide awake very early this morning, even after a hectic night before ;-) and while lying there contemplating life (as you do) I had ths feeling, well actually I think it was the silence, ya know the not hearing rain pelt down on my window type silence! I jumped out of bed pulled back the curtains and the view caught my breath!!! There it was in all it blue-y beauty, the sky! So looking at the time... about 9.30 (8.30) I decided today was no day for staying in doors, had to make the most of this. I packed my camara bag and headed for somewhere I hadn't been since I was a kid... Cratloe Woods! And boy it didn't dissapoint!

The idea was to try and capture the warm, rich colours of autumn but alot of the trees in Cratloe are Ever Green, hahaha! I did manage to get one or two Autumnal images but the hi-light fo me was just the silence, blue clear skies and the woodland smell. Delis!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Republic of Loose

OMG!!! I'm still buzzing from last night. Republic of Loose were playing at the Trinity Rooms in Limerick! I went to see them in Dolans last year but this gig was so much better. They are just fantastic live, they played tracks from the last 2 albums inlcuding the latest one The Ritual (listen above), one of the less explicit tracks :-) The front row was full of guys and I think Mick was geting a little worried, hahaha, but there were plenty of babes around too! Loved the James Brown number they did at the end, just brilliant! This band rock!

Republic of Loose website

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This day 10 years ago...

I remember lying in the hospital bed staring at this most beautiful baby and thinking "Oh my god, I made this perfect little person". I really believed that this was the reason why I was put on this earth. With tears in my eyes I promised I would do everything in my power to give her the life she deserved!

10 years on, and I can't believe my little baby has grown up so much! She is now my little girl, mind you Shona says I can still call her my baby.

Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful, wonderful little woman!

Love you, xxx