Saturday, May 25, 2013

Women in Business

I love to see new ventures, people brave enough to start a business in a recession. In my experience it takes time to develop your business style and service, so in fact a recession is the best time to begin a new business… as the economy grows, the business can too.

I love working with women in business, they bring creativity, empathy, loyalty and collaboration (to mention just a few qualities) to the business world, a place that is made better for having women in it.

Last week I had 2 such ladies visit the studio on separate occasions. Louise and Angela, who are both starting new ventures, came in for their business headshots (I’ll post a link when the business is launched). They will be working with women in a holistic way and they wanted a business portrait that would reflect the welcoming and feminine nature of the business.

Angela also enquired about hair and makeup along with the headshot, a quick call to Malou and we were able to co-ordinate a time that suited for Angela to have the full range of services, makeup, hair and business portrait, in her words “saved so much time and hassle having it all done in one place”. 

Angela's Business Portrait with Hair and Makeup

If you need your business portrait updated or a new one created that reflects your business then please give me a buzz on 086 3817677 and we can have a chat about what best suits you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Favourite Type of Challenge

I love photographing women! Okay, okay.... i love photographing families and children too but my favourite type of portraiture is photographing women. My tag line for the Couture Sessions is "i want every woman i photograph to see how beautiful they truly are" and i mean it! 

Recently i met Angela, she told me "i don't take a good photo"... when i heard this i felt like it was a challenge to show her all she needs to do is to just relax and just be herself, listen to the direction and just enjoy the process. Every woman IS beautiful. We all need to take the time out to see it and sometimes we just need someone to show us.

This is Angela, she is BEAUTIFUL! She takes a great photo!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Business Portrait

A Business Portrait (or headshot) is similar to a portrait except the image is specifically to use for business rather than something you would frame and hand on the wall. 

How can they be used? 

You can use your business portrait for your website, or the company you work for. On business cards, social media, blogs, advertising, press releases, marketing material... and the list goes on and on...

business headshot

What should you wear?

A business portrait is a refection of your business so you should dress according to your business style. Keep your style simple, avoid large patterns, high fashion and seasonal designs (e.g. short sleeves). Opt for solid colours and a style that is comfortable. 

Why not update your business portrait, give me a buzz on 086 3817677 or check out our  headshot gallery