Friday, November 30, 2007

Last sunday at the cork crop i got my November kit from Annamarie, I was really looking forward to getting this as it looks gorgeous online. All I can say is Wow!!! This kit did not disappoint. The Fancy Pants papers are just devine!!!! And the felt shapes are scrummy to work with. I made one of my Christmas pressies with it this week, its a covered telephone book.

BTW, I loved the tea and chocolates (3 of each comes with the kit), what a fabby idea, when I finished doing the book I had only one choc left (Green and Black too my favourite) :)

For Scrap West this week I covered another telephone book - trying to get all the pressies done asap! This one could of done with the felt in yellow, but mad do with hand cut swirl. The papers are one of my favourite all time collection by Crate Paper.

I started my savings for Scrapaganza! And to keep me on track I altered a mayonaise jar, wish me luck that I have enough in 6 months time :)

Another candle light supper tomorrow night, this time in John and Ray's apartment. We are celebrating John's 30th birthday (yeah right). Have a fabby weekend all :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Blackie was a stray that my Mum looked after every summer in Kerry for the last few years. When he first arrived at the cottage he was in an awful state but My Mum looked after him well and by the end of each summer he would look so much more healthier. With my parents living in an apartment they did not have the chance to bring him home. But ever summer Blackie would arrive at the cottage a day or two after they arrived. This year my parents spent about 7 months in Kerry, so Blackie's coat looked amazing, he was so healthy and glossy looking. When Shona and I went to Kerry in August the cat was really friendly too, following Shona all over the cottage, playing with her and being very affectionate. Mum and I were in shock!

Last week I got a call from my Mum to say that Balckie had passed away. His breathing had been very laboured all week and with her heading back to Killaloe she was thinking maybe he should be put to sleep. The night before he died my Mum had him on her lap for hours, just talking and rubbing him (very unusual for this cat), eventually she had to go to bed so she put the cat out, the next morning he was dead. I know my Mum is heart broken but as she knows at least he hah a great 7 months and knew he was loved.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cork Crop

Wow! What another fantastic crop from Caroline! It was an early start with a late night before up until 2.30am with Annamarie, catching up on her trip to Scarpaganza (I am so going in June). We collected Ber on our way and really missed Kate (*sniff) hopefully she will be with us on the next trip :)

What made this a wonderful day? There was a few things actually! Tigger arrived with Bronwen, it was so good to see them both with everything that has happened over the last 2 weeks. Tigger was a vision of orange loveliness and such a ray of sunshine!!! Annamarie's shop is just amazing!!! Imagine all the stock was outside my house the night before and I didin't insist she unpack it all for me to have a quick peek :O Carolines class was brilliant! A tansparency mini book in Autumnal colors - yummy! Once I have it finished I pop up a photo.

We finished off the day with a gorgeous meal in Corbetts Court near Charleville. The chocolate fudge cake is to die for! I would recommend it to anyone!!!!

Right back to work, talk soon :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Scrap West

Oh my, where does the time go? Its the 23rd of November already. I can't believe how fast this year is going. Do years go faster the older you get? Anyways below are 2 LO's from Scrap West. This first one is called "Just the two of us". Tis funny, Shona and I were singing this song all last week, we even got on youtube to find Will Smith's version, which I think is da bizz.

This weeks Scrap West set by Audrey is called "Books". The perfect oppurtunity to scrap these photo's of my babes in the Killorglin Library back in August. I love to read books now but as a child I'd prefere to play with my Cindy Dolls, so where on earth did my little Mrs get her love of books? From such an early age she can't get enough of them, it really feeds her imagination :)

Anyone want to listen to the song we've been dancing and singing to all week? here ya go. Just make sure you sing out loud!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


On the way down to Kerry yesterday, we decided to break up the journey by stopping at a playground we often see but have never been in. It is on the Kerry side of Abbeyfeale. It is very compact but as you can see Shona had loads of fun :)

We stopped off at the Cottage to say hi to Pappa Bud, then headed off again while the weather was still dry. We usually go to the stoney beach (aka Cromane) but this time we drove by the beach and headed to the fishing area, where the famous Cromane Mussels come from. The journey down was really bumpy but great fun.

It is a small area with no pier, loads of small boats and machinery sitting around. There was a huge artic being filled with mussels, heading to Holland. We got out and explored the area, with the fishermans eyes on us, I'm sure no one in their right mind would be down this far unless they had to. Being two city girls it was fun for us to see a part of Irish life we wouldn't see every day. Mind you I think it is worth it as the view is amazing!

Shona was very accomondating witht he camera, mind you she didn't know half the time I was taking photos as I had a zoom lens. This shot below, I think she was on her way over to give out, LOL!
We had such a laugh, just walking and talking (and me shooting). I've been so busy for the last few weeks that it is wonderful just to slow down, breath in the sea air and really appreciate what is around you :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh it's been such a long time since I updated the blog, just such a busy time at work and by the looks of it it won't let up until next June. When I think back to this time last year, when I was working with the charity, knowing it wasn't going to last, I realise how lucky I am and I'm so grateful and happy with where I am now today :)

This weeks Scrap West was Changing Colours. I picked a colour I normally wouldn't use (baby blue) and teamed it with some of what I would use (pink). The "S" shape was to create a sort of balance on the page but in a fluid way. The idea behind the journalling came from my last marketing trip... "This is not a..." I am thinking about doing an album called "This is not an Album". The idea is to describe the item/person etc in a way that gives it more a personal feel. Looking forward to this.

Every second wednesday I am at the Limerick & District photo club, where we either have a competition or a visiting speaker. At the moment I find it diificult to sit for 2 hours solid and listen to someone talk technical after putting down a days work. I know it will get more interesting over the next few weeks. Below are some shots of the family business which rolled into the local shopping centre over the mid term. The next competition is called movement, so I may enter it this time.
The Bank Holiday Monday, Ber and I headed off for the day and drove around Co. Clare taking some nice Autumn shots. Mind you the first two shots were taken beside where I work.
As part of my Christmas gifts to friends and family I am doing a little photo shoot for each of them. I managed to get 2 lots done over the Bank Holiday weekend, mind you they haven't seen these yet and I know Viv will be on the phone (or email) as soon as she sees this :) I love this shot, aren't they such a gorgeous family :)
I had such a laugh with John and Ray, I think this was such a chore for them but I got some fab shots of the two of them :)

Shona and I are heading off to Kerry tomorrow for the night to see my parents. Have to bring the laptop to do a little work for meeting next week, mind you I don't mind one bit. I so love my job!

Enjoy the weekend all!