Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Confession

With the run up to the Holy Communion the kids were preparing all week for their First Confession. Walking to the Church every day, learning prayers and songs. Ealier yesterday on the way to the church Shona tripped and grazed her Knee quite badly, she was fine, justy needed a little TLC.

Shona has been saying for a long time she doesn't want to do her Holy Communion as everyone will be staring at her going up the aisle and that she is way too shy... I told her the only ones who will be staring at her is her family. She seemed ok with this and happy to proceed - phew!

Anyways last night (Valentines - awwwwww) was the night they had to do their First Confession. Shona was excited, nervous, shy(?) and happy all in one - her words! It was beautifully organised, really nice, nothing OTT! Each of the kids had a role to play in the cermony, which was just a few prayers and loads of songs. I noticed my one has got her Mammy's singing voice. LOL!

2 Priests were on either side of the alter and the children went up one at a time to confess their sins. I was thinking it was very public way to confess, but when Shona's Dad said it was better than a quiet dark room, the penny dropped!

Shona got up at the end with a few school mates and did the actions to the Our Father (Gaeilge). It was so cute! I was thinking how angelic she was, however when she finished she hobbled down the church (her knee was at her) with everyone staring and I was thinking to myself, please don't let her notice that everyone is looking - phew!

Roll on May 12th!

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CarolineO said...

Aw so cute! She'll be fine on the day! Hope the knee is better now.