Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Ok..... I know I've been missing in action and its been sooooo long since I updated this thing but sometimes real life gets in the way of cyber life and truly that is a great thing! A few things have happened since last I posted, all good...

...But firstly this evening I gave my over grown lawn a bit of a hack, the smell of the freshly cut grass gave me a sense that summer is really on its way and so to celebrate I decided to refresh the blog too by giving it a new banner dedicated to the spring season. So make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, we could be here awhile.

Work is really progressing with loads of training envolved. Last week I was in Dublin over night and met up with the ever talented Lainey, we had a fab night going to see a friend of hers art exhibition, then later catching up over a few drinkies. I'm also heading to Brussels for more training the day after Crafteire and all I can think of is all that yummy chocolate I'll have to sample while there :-) Gosh, I have it hard, LOL!

My wonderful Mum had her 70th birthday party two weekends ago, so there was alot of preperation envolved, not only organising the event but also making a few things for her too :-) The weekend was amazing with loads of pampering in the Renaissance Suite at the Radisson in Limerick. If you ever want to treat yourself (go on you deserve it!) I'd hightly recommend this place, all I can say is WOW!!!! Her girls are taking her to London for the weekend as her birthday gift (we gotta treat ourselves too), another gift she got was from my niece Deborah and it was a voucher for a tattoo... and yes she did at the age of 69 my Mother got her first tattoo, I'm so proud :-)

On the scrappy front besides Scrap West and making the gifts for my Mum, there's loads of creative projects on the go. At the moment I'm mainly getting ready for Crafteire, the classes are nearly finished. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone, taking a few classes and buying loads and loads of stash! I've just finished an A4 LO using the scrummy Basic Grey Scarlet Letters papers. As its a gift I can only show you a teeny piece of it but I'll post up the full LO soon... promise!...

.... Oh yeah and there is someone putting a smile on my face these days too, thought I'd sneak that one in :-)

So thats all the news, yeah its been busy, but sure life is good and thats all that matters. I hope all you wonderful creative ladies are all well, can't wait to see you soon.

Eva x


Tigger's rambling said...

Great to see you bloging again :-)
I love your new spring look and great the someone is keeping that smile on your face ;-)

Kate said...

Eva, great to see you back again. Love the new look blog. Banner is FAB (you have a great model there.)
Was only thinking yesterday that I must get into see you soon and do some scrapping!!!:-)
Delighted to hear your smile is being kept on your face ;-)
C U at Crafteire

CarolineO said...

Love the new look of the blog! Love the family photo, you look so elegant! And ya what's this "smile on face "lark....we want to hear all about it at CE!! No stash shopping for you otherwise!

JACKIE said...

Blog looking great =0)Lovely photo great to hear youre smiling too -0)

Lainey said...

I'm sure you are putting a smile on someone's else face too Eva - you look UBER sophisticated in the family photo! It was so lovely to meet up last week. Delighted your mum had a ball - what a gal getting a tattoo for her 70th...inspirational!

Carrie said...

Wow - congrats to your mum - isn't she great. The piccie looks great and so do you Eva - long live the smiles!!!!!

Beckie said...

Hello There! The blog is looking fab and bright. I am so glad you are feeling sunny and bright too .. the bestest feeling ever.
take care of yourself and see you soon xx

Ruth said...

FAb fresh blog. Spring is certainly in the air for you Eva. The creativity is bursting out! Well done.

Neasa said...

Yes, there was "a hush over the house" for a while there, thought we'd lost you!!!
Big up for Eva's mom!!!!!! Well done you and what a fantastic present.
The family photo is lovely. What an elegant family.
Glad to hear of smiles (mind you, having met you once, I can't imagine you without a smile-you must be like a cheshire cat now!!!!) Blog is looking fantastic. Now just write in it now and then, will ya?!! Some of us have nothing else to do but read them you know....;)(I wish...)