Monday, June 04, 2007

Open Road

There is nothing better than the feeling of freedom with just a simple thing like the open road and no plans to where you will end up. After spending the week in the hospital with Shona all I wanted to do this bank holiday weekend was hop in the car and drive. Luckily for me I had a driver who kindly obliged to let me sit back and watch the scenery.

The first place we ended up at on Saturday was the Cliffs of Moher along with a 100 or so other soaked to the skin tourists. The sign below is dedicated to the last person I was with at the Cliffs, way back in the late 80's (LOL!).

Can you imagine all those tourists who stop to look at one of the most famous landscapes in Ireland (with one of the most expensive car parks in Ireland) only to be met with nothing but mist. Lucky for them there was plenty of plastic tourist ornaments to purchase in the shop to make the journey worth it! Oh and lovely wax hats to keep the rain off too :-)

On one of the bi-roads we came across one of the most breath taking views (of course there would have to be a building included). I got a close up shot too of the castle but the private sign we noticed might indidcate the owners wouldn't want us posting it up, or evidence that we were on private property :-o
Doolin had the most spectular natural elements. I am always amazed at how anything grows in the Burren. Peeping through the rocky landscape you can always find a little bit of nature thriving....
... but what Doolin offered the most was nature at its best!!! We stood there totally spell bound by the strenght and power of waves crashing against the rocks. After a few photos I had to put the camera down and just experience it. If the weather had been better we wouldn't have known this :-) thank goodness for the Irish weather!
After our car picinic in Doolin, it was back on the road to Ballyvaughan. On the way I really made the moat of being a passenger. The scenery in Clare is so rough and rugged and truly beautiful! We had a nice meal in Monks followed by a walk and a drink in a local where there was some trad music.
The next day it was off to Galway for a few hours, coffee on Shop street, just chilling and making the most of the better weather. There was loads of street entertainment, music, markets and street artists all competing for customers. The guy below had the right idea, it made him stand out from the crowd sitting on the australian's lap (LOL!).
We finished off our tour by heading to Salthill to soak up the sun and have a little fruity tart picnic. I came home feeling completely relaxed and ready for whatever the world holds! Thanks goodness for bank holiday weekends :-)


Tigger's rambling said...

Great photo's and it sounds like you had a great time on the open road, there will be no stopping you now......we might even get you camping yet :-)

Maura Miller said...

Fab photos Eva, nothing like the open road

Carrie said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend, glad to hear it.

Beckie said...

Aw loving the photos eva! Glad you had a great time ;)

CarolineO said...

Great photo's Eva! Love the one of the waves! Roll on August bank holiday!

Audrey said...

Those photos are brilliant - particularly the wave crashing on the rocks - love the B&W feel