Wednesday, March 05, 2008

February - A Feast or a Famine?

Definitely a feast but boy am i looking forward to the famine in March!

Photo Club - Back at the begining of the month a few of us from the photo club decided to go out for the day to try and capture some photos... It really was a blast, plenty of fresh air, plenty of photos and alot of getting to know each other! We plan on doing plenty of these during the rest of the year :)

These are some of my favourite shots from the day:

Season - I was looking out my kitchen wondow one very frosty morning when i noticed this stunning web which up close actually looks like crystals. Its funny how you can see a photo op anywhere and everywhere! I love the colour combination of the frosty web against the blue of the swing. i even love the rusty bolt just about in shot.

Another UL shot, imagine about 2 weeks ago there were daffodils!!! I couldn't believe it, even with the frost there are signs of spring everywhere :)

Frosty Sunrise in Barcelona, I woke up to this view last week, amazing to be looking out your kitchen window one day and then upon a misty morning in Spain the next.

Crafteire - Another wonderful event! This year I met up with most of the crafty girls and met some new ones too (*Hi Girls*). I was teaching again this year (2 classes), and hope the girls learned a thing or two from them. The kits used were scrummy (supplied by Crafteire). I loved the classes I signed up to but I wish I could of taken all the classes as each one was wonderful!

The only photos I took at Crafteire were of Tigger and Bronwen, as ever Tiggs was orange and black and look at her hair, how cool is that - she is my biggest fan - LOL! And look at the beautiful young woman Bron is becoming! There are 5 or so photos I loved of the two of them but the orange strip is a real Tigger photo.

Ber and I stayed until Monday, taking the day off work :) Sunday night dinner was sooooo funny with Gertie, Noelle, Bron, Louise, Tigger, Donna, Izzy, Ber and I (Itchy what? Ewwww) I haven't laughed like that is aaaaages, we all had tears rolling down our face and aches in our tummy's! Roll on the next time we all meet up - Crafteire 2009!

On the way home on Monday, Ber and I got caught in a Blizzard, at times it was a little scary but we were the only mad people on the road, so even if we lost control we wouldn't of hit an other car for at least a mile, lol. We decided to check out Birr Castle - and to take a break (30 km in one hour). The photo below captures the wonderful blue sky that lasted about 20 mins before it got dull and grey again. The snow was so bright we nearly got snow blindness - hee hee. I love the direction of the tree, pointing to the seat, to me there is something magical about this photo.

Right that was most of Feb and little of March... There is a Soiree this weekend, Ray's Birthday, and hopefully after that there might be a little famine :) but not for too long hopefully just enough to catch my breath :)


Sabrina said...

Lucky you getting to see Birr in the snow! I love it there, but we'd never drive there in that weather, LOL.
Loved your photo-shoot photos, too :D

Tigger's rambling said...

Wow that photo of the seat in the snow is amazing :-)

Lainey said...

Great to see you at Crafteire Eva. Loved doing both of your classes! What amazing photos - especially the spider web!

Carrie said...

Fab photos Eva - all amazing - love the second one particularly and that spider's web is cool

Elisa said...

All great photos, love specially the spider's web and the architectural ones.