Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 69th Birthday Mum

Did we not celebrate your 70th last year? Mind you, you still look amazing no matter what age you are! Eve wanted to celebrate her birthday by chilling at the Radisson. What is the draw to this hotel? The Rain Spa and Wellness Clinic! OMG!!!!! I lurve the Relaxtion Suite and the treatments are amazing. We chilled for hours, imagine i sat and did nothing for hours... gosh did i need that. We stayed the night and had dinner in the hotel, talk about luxury! So much so I've booked the girls for my birthday in July :)

Buddy being dramatic after he saw the bill - hee hee! Such a poser!

Me with my new hair cut and necklace, we made these later on at the table, each of the girls picked out the stone they liked, which i picked up in Galway on friday :)

Lousie looking photogenic as usual! Love this girl and hope she feels better soon (*cough cough)

Johnny and Phil (aka the love birds) on a well deserved break - you've been working too hard!

Friday we had our Soiree at Viv's and the food was amazing, as ever I was in great company but i certainly had way too much to drink. I payed for it the next day having to be up early. Today Louise was volunteering at a fair in Clare doing face painting. I went along to see what was going on and ended up spending 4 hours painting kids faces besdie her, at opne stage there was a ques of about 20 kids (and their parents). It was all for the nursing home where the fair was on. It was such fun that I would love to do it again!
Before I head off this is a LO i did during the week. I "interviewed" Shona about her favourite food and it ended up being the funiest conversation. The silhouette is her profile, using a torch and a dark room. I love the photos (my little actress). Gosh she gives me great material to scrap!

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gertie (aka aine) said...

your mum is not 69, is she?
wow she looks much much younger than that!!

lovely layout, just love shona's poses!!