Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday celebrations

Well the celebrations have started, and boy i'm paying for it already...... Plenty champers and vino in the boys apartment last night and then Ber and I hit the town. We both had plenty to drink and laughed so much, there was a little bold behaviour but sure it was my birthday celebration. I'm allowed to bold every now and then especially when its fun :)

I'm really looking forward to meeting the crafty girls at the weekend, plenty of scrapping, chatting and shopping!!! Bliss!

I just looked at my post from last year and its funny how I was feeling at the time and what i planned for the year ahead. Never did i think i would be off the smokes nearly 6 months. The weight gain has been a bit of a bummer but its a small price to pay. As part of my gift to myself for my birhtday I had to be off the smokes 6 months and without a tennant for that time. So last weekend I offically moved into the room i used to rent out. I spent from 8am to 9pm on staurday moving furniture and painting walls. Shona gets the room I used to sleep in and her dad is moving her bunk bed this saturday :)

Anyways... today I got the most beautiful card from Sabrina. Look at the little birdie, its embossed and has glossy accents or something similar. Thanks Sbarina :) you're a star!

Ok need to pack some bits for the weekend :) Ciao

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