Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a mad few months...

... so much has happened since my last post, where do I start?

Ok lets start with December: my little woman was in hospital for a few days at the begining of the month, she was so poorly, the doctors said it was some form of tonsillitis but I'm a little dubious, as they also said it might be her appendix.... all that matters is that she is ok now! And has since gone through a growth spurt (must be the drugs they gave her!)

A few days after she got out my Dad ended up in the same hospital, this time it was his pacemaker. His heart rate went down to 29 at one stage... which menas the pacemaker wasn't doing its job... he only has it 4 years!!! So after days and days in the CCU (Corinary Care Unit) they replaced it, he was out the week before Christmas but then ended back in the A&E withnblood posioning from his Catheter (you know the needle/tube for your medicine). So how did he get blood posioning??? Dirty needle??? Hardly! Dirty hands??? Possible??? It doesn't bear thinking about. Anyways, he got out 2 days before Christmas! His health is ok, but he has certainly aged!

We had a great Christmas (even with all the flu). A gang of us went to Lou's house for her first Christmas and my brother Billy cooked all the food.... *slurp* wow! Of course we did the usual over eating/over drinking but sure thats what we do best at Christmas!!!

I have been scrapbooking in the meantime. Last saturday Ber and I did a little (well we drank loads od beer and talked about Crafteire, hee hee). I did manage to make this mini book for poetry. The cover is made with Felt and has loads of pages to fill with (hopefully) creative works.

Tigger, Ber and I had a day called "Unfinshed Symphonies" and I got all my mini books completed, most of them just needed photos. I promised myself I wouldn't start anything new until they were done! So I can now start the new year afresh...I recommend it to everyone, its like a little Feng Shui-ing!
The last LO of 2008 was a photo of my best friend when I was a kid, Patricia, and I and a photo again in 2008 of the two of us the night we met up after about 24 years (there is 26 years between photos). I made an identical one for her too so we both have a version each!

So all in all 2008 was an amazing year, full of growth and change! I am so grateful for the year we had and I'm looking forward to the furture! I hope its full of health and happiness for all!


SandieShores said...

I adore your 26 years on layout!! What a wonderful keepsake for both of you. So glad you are still friends after all these years.

Sounds like you had a fairly eventful Dec... may this year be pretty boring!;)

Lynn said...

great post Eva. Looking forward to your class at CraftEire!! Yay :)

Elisa said...

Hey, how come I missed this post?!
Love everything, and also you Crafteire sneak.