Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cache #8

Its been slow getting around to doing another Cache so today Ber and I headed out with our cameras in search of Cache #8. The weather was very odd, raining one minute and then sunny the next, but this is also a great day to take photos of clouds, one of my favourite subjects!

Ber and I saw parts of Limerick that we've never seen before, thats one of the best things about Geocaching!!! It brings you to places you've probably never seen before. The views today were amazing, we took the long way around to find the cache and with a little detour but we eventually found it, woohoo. The e-trek was spot on too, love that!

This is the view from near the cache, thats the river Shannon on the horizon, cool!

For anyone intertested check out, its a great way to spend the day and seeing parts of Ireland that you may never would of seen otherwise.

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