Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fashion Couture Shoot

For a while i have wanted to create a gothic fairy tale inspired shoot, not a costume shoot but something more fashion orientated. When Dani (who is now working with Morgan The Agency) asked me to do a shoot with her i put my thinking cap on and thought how can we achieve the look...

I contacted the shops local to my studio on Thomas Street, explained what we were doing and got them on board, next was Laura and Mary for makeup and hair and then a day was booked.

We began early Sunday morning, not a sinner on the street, just us loons. Once we had our first cuppa it was all go. The idea being to achieve at least 3 different looks, not just clothing but hair and make up too.

We began with what i like to call snow white, a character who is connected with nature, the dress was by Marion Murphy Cooney and the flowers are by Ring O Roses


Our next look was the Ice Queen, by adding a fur coat from Sefton Bridal and a stunning neck piece from Marion Murphy Cooney, we created a Hollywood 50's look.

We transformed Dani into a gothic Red Riding Hood with more intense makeup and a change of hair. The dress is from Tippe Canoe, the neck piece from No 15 and the Cloak belongs to Orchard Theatre Co

Our final look is inspired by the wicked witch, strong and dark. Again Laura created a darker look for the makeup and Mary created the most stunning hair that looked more Marie Antoinette. Another dress from Marion Murphy Cooney, a neck piece from No 15 and a Gorilla Coat from O Donnells Boutique.


A huge thank you to Dani, Laura & Mary who all gave of their time, and to Marion Murphy Cooney, Sefton House, Tippe Canoe, Ring O Roses, No 15 & O Donnell's Boutique. 

You can check out a wee video we create about the session at this link

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