Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm not blonde!!!

Ok, so I haven't been truly blonde for a long time now more of a ratty brown. And anyway being blonde is a state of mind really, LOL! So while at the hairdressers on saturday Robert asked would i like blonde highlights (or low lights), i suggested maybe pink or red..... so we went with blonde and red!!! Now with curly hair its not so defined and when the curls mix its looks more like pink. I still like it and I'm thinking about going a bit more red.

Today I had to out and buy new clothes to go with my new hair :-) and i bought a gorgeous jumper in a colour i normally wouldn't wear.... GREEN and so with the RED lowlights I'm looking rather festive :-)

However deep down I will always be blonde :-)


Tigger's rambling said...

Mega cool Eva, I love the new hair.
It really suits you, but you know you will always be blonde LOL

CarolineO said...

Love the hair Eva, super photo! Are there new pinky papers coming out that you wanted to co-ordinate with them then?? LOL! :)

Annamarie said...

Love the do Eva. Great photo. Another for the Book of Me :-)


Lainey said...

Love the new look Eva - tres chic!

amber jane said...

LOving the hair - it is fab :D