Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kirsty's Photo

Last sunday the wonderful Tigger hand delivered the CD of photo's from Kirsty. They look grand but I think I prefere the untouched ones, wrinkles and all (LOL). Anyway it was a wonderful oppurtunity to get photos done by Kirsty.

Shona and I are going to spend the day relaxing, ok we do have to do some food shopping and maybe a few treats for the little woman too :-) but the rest of the day is just chilling :-)

Have a lovely day all!


JACKIE said...

Great photo Eva,I agree with you about the more natural looking photo,s =0)

Kate said...

I haven't seen the "natural" photos so I can't comment but I think you look great. LOVE your curls :-) Enjoy chillin

Audrey said...

Lovely photo eva you look gorgeous (as always) x

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Beautiful Picture!!! I wish I had one this nice.