Friday, August 24, 2007

Scrap West

This weeks theme is called Memorable Moment. The journalling under the photo explains the story. When Shona and I were at Coolwood and she saw what she thought was a statue of a hawk....!?(anyways) as she was walking over to check it out the bird moved. Well, Shona got the fright of her life, and the photograph was snapped just as she was turning around to say it was alive. She was a little upset by the laughter from her mammy, hopefully one day she'll learn its ok to laugh at yourself (we could all learn that one). Next week we are doing something really special on the Scrap West blog :-)

Have a great weekend! I'm preparing for my candle light supper with the hand painted royal doulton, LOL!


Audrey said...

Poor kiddie ;-) Lovely LO!!!!

CarolineO said...

Lovely Lo! Gotta love BG!
Hope the candle lit supper went well! Did you have to get t bakrs out?

Neasa said...

The poor sweetheart! Had to laugh at the image of you cracking up laughing and her running away from the "statue". Been there, done that. Bad mommies!!!!!!