Friday, August 03, 2007

Busy Week

Its been a another busy week, not only in work but with my new found freedom I've been making the most of it (miss you Shona *sniff sniff*).

Tuesday evening was scrummy food served up by Ber's hubbie (my friends all have wonderful cooks for husbands) afterwards it was into the garden to find some photographic opportunities. I love the way the evening light is caught behind the leaves below, and look at the burnt edges, love texture like this. Talking about texture, what is it about weathered wood??? Its so grungy looking and the colour is devine .... thinking about changing the colours of my walls now!

"Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig can" Did you see it??? OMG!!! Went to see The Simpsons new movie on wednesday, it was 10/10! It's sooooo funny! I kept turning to Ailis and saying I'm so glad I didn't bring Shona to this! It really was made for an adult audience! I'll bring her anyway, hee hee!
Thursday night was more scrapping and chatting with Ber, we got loads done (including the Scrapwest below). The papers are from Piggy Tales and the LO is part of my BOM. I also did a LO for Tigger which I'm really happy with. I'll post it up next week after I've posted it to her (BTW, have you seen her hair? Its so cooool)

Tonight I'm chillin, up early for a few appointments tomorrow, then off to the Boys (John & Ray) for dinner, more scrummy food. Imagine I haven't cooked all week, lovin it!

Have a fantastic weekend all :-)


Tigger's rambling said...

Sounds like your having a great week, say hi to John and Ray from me. Love your photo's, can't wait to see your new camera.....I might even pose for you LOL

Lainey said...

Wow gorgeous photos Eva - love the angle of the chair! You enjoy the freedom - you deserve it!

Karva said...

Great pics Eva and the LO - WOW.
Enjoy your free time .. Dont behave

Audrey said...

Love the LO - glad you are having so much fun.

Just tagged you. x

noelle said...

Great photos Eva. You've been tagged!