Sunday, August 24, 2008

Food for the Soul

A week in Kerry just chilling is the best medicine in the world. Shona and I had the most relaxing week in the most beautiful surroundings!

Every morning I headed with my sis to Glenbeigh for a walk.... well she walked i strolled while taking photographs. The weather wasn't always the best but the cloud formations were amazing (i have a thing for clouds).

We spent most afternoons shopping or sight seeing and Shona was an absolute doll never complaining once! I even brought her to Caragh lake to show her the place she was named after (Shona Caragh), she says its a beautiful lake, just like her!
I think one of the hightlights of the trip for her was getting on Papa Buds boat, its a small deep sea fishing thingie and she was in her element. We didn't go out with the gang as they were going fishing and thats not our cup of tea!!!

Doesn't this photo sum up our Irish summer? Hahaha! I love it! Having ice cream on a misty day while looking for the Skelligs.
On thursday we had a yummy Bar-b-q at the cottage. Old friends of the family came along with their gangs, the kids (all 14) were utter stars, they had no problem posing for me here, hee hee!

The holiday was just what I needed, its a pity it ends all too soon but I'll feel the benefit of the break for a while to come.

Happy birthday to a great guy, I know Viv won't mind me saying... Der (you old man) thanks for a great night on friday, we'll all be there for the 50th.

Ok back to reality now, Ciao bambinos.

Eva - aka Cheshire Cat ;-)

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Carrie said...

I cant believe how much Shona is growing up and she is beatiful - gorgeous photos Eva - love the clouds but also love the sea and the rocks. Hope you are well and life is good xx