Friday, August 01, 2008

The last few weeks..

.. have been busy again, really looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend - phew :) So the photo club summer meet up is working out really well! Its the same crew every week, but sure we don't mind. So recently we've done outdoor portrait in St. Mary's Cathedral. Ber's son and his girlfriend kindly posed for the evening :) I really love the first image, its got a nice subtle gothic feel to it.

Then there was the night we started in town and ended up at the show in Castletroy Shopping Centre. The weather kept threatening to pour but we were lucky to get a few decent shots. George was great to let us all on the Big Wheel for free!

During the week we were in UL to do sports photography... with very little sports going on, hahaha. Mind you look what we did find... some peeps trying to do some paraglyding but the wind just wasn't strong enough, still it gave us great photo ops :) We finished the evening on the Living Bridge taking shots of the sunset, devine!

The geocaching has been going great! I brought Shona, Louise and the boys out and about near her neck of the woods. The boys were a little reserved at first but I really think they'll love it, Shona certainly does. We plan on doing loads over the holidays. A few days later, I introduced Viv, Fiona and Ber to geocaching out in Shannon, that was sooooooo funny with us trying to hide what we were doing from muggles...

The only creative thing I've done over the last few weeks was to make a bag. I found the most beautiful linen material in Hickeys. Its been years since I made something from fabric and I loved it... got a feeling I know what this years Christmas gifts are going to be :) As long as I can master the seaming...

Just want to leave you with this.... came across this fantastic video from Haagen Das for Help The Honey Bees, check out the site too.

Have a fabby weekend!


Kate said...

WOW Eva those photos are fantastic, you have such a talent. Trying to pick faves but it's so hard the first one is brilliant love the gothic feel as you said!! and I'm a sucker for a sunset so that's a fave too, love the way you captures the speed of the waltzer too. They're all brill!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Annamarie said...

I agree with Kate, fab photos. The first one and the sunset would be my faves too. Enjoy the BH weekend.