Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crafteire, Scrapbooking, Photos and more...

Another Crafteire has come and gone :-( This year Ber and I decided to stay in the hotel and we weren't disspaointed! I got to start each of the mornings with a swim (not laps, hahaha). It was down for a lovely breakfast and then the scrapbooking began :-)

I was lucky that my classes were the first 2 in the morning, so by 11 I was Freeeeeeeeee! Everyone who got up out of their leaba's for the first class got a heart cog badge as a thank you! I think the class went down well, and it certainly was fun!

My 2nd Class was all about using multi photos and newspaper print, to cover embellishments, not just the print but titles, dates, headlines. Cover in Utee or dimaond glaze to give a great shiney surface :-)

Some portrait shots at Crafteire. I love this casual shot of Annamaire, plenty of space for journaling or a title to the left.

Love the tones of this photo of Kate... kinda Pre-Raphaelite. It was taken beside a natural light source (a glass door, hahahaha)

As ever Kate and Mireille organised a great event! It was brilliant to catch up with so many carfty women and get to know and make new friends! Roll on Crafteire 2010!


SandieShores said...

Woah!! Get a room .... hahahahaha!!!

It's really a beautiful pic and layout but I don't know how you weren't snort laughing through that pose!!

All the classes were fantastic this year, love the pics you used on the red/black/white layout :)

Have you patented your apron yet?? ;)

Evonne said...

Poor Shona - if ever there was a way for mums to embarass their kids! LOL

It was great to see you at the weekend, your classes looked fab!

CoCo said...

Yoikes - that is a get a room pic - nice one!

Loved the classes - have made a second 'bouquet' of love already and will be beating down the CE shop for another book of flowers. Fab. Haven't finished a LO with my newspaper embellies yet - that's for this weekend.

Thanks for the fabby classes and it was great to see you at weekend - same for Ber - tell her Hi and get blogging!