Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mini Book & People's Park

Woohoo I found my mojo, you'll never guess where it was hiding... right under a pile of work, hahaha! After the wonderful night away last weekend i really felt relaxed and rejuvinated! So much so I got working on a Mini book about the time away for my Mum's birthday gift :-) So there are loads of pages ahead, some simple, some a little bit more elaborate!

Close up detail of the front cover. I used text from the Children of Lir - a favourite of my Mum's, and the then stamped over it. The base is layers of cream paint and chipboard shapes.

I really like this page, especially the shape and the way the ribbon is seen from the other side - The teacup is part of the spa experience, when you are finished your treatment you can chill in the relaxation suit with a bowl of fruit, water or green tea. Ah, blisssss!

Ah look at this gorgeous space, this is where you chill afterwards looking out at a japanese garden or the hot tub :-)

Louise, Phil and I after our treatments... We had the 20/20/20... 20 mins each of a body scrub, massage and a facial, mmmmmmmm. There is also the use of the steam room, sauna and pool! How blomming relaxed we look :-)

My Mum also looking completely chilled... its was shortly after this photo when she told me to put the camera away, hahahaha!

I completley recommend this place, (Rain Spa at the Raddison in Limerick). They constantly have specials on, even an over night package which we did... how much do we love ourselves... oh we are so worth it, hee hee!

Today in Limerick there was a band competition. Martin, Shona and I headed in, me with my camera (of course). There was some powerful tunes being banged out on the drums, you could feel the music reverberate through us as they passed.

We took a quick trip into the people's park and I have to say the dafs were amazing and they're not all up yet!

There were plently of photo opportunities, especially this tree, or what is left of it. It looks so strong but also very odd. Its more like a piece of sculpture than a tree really......

unless it is....


CoCo said...

I'm even relaxed looking at it. It's fab Eva - looks like you all really enjoyed yourself. Some girl friends and I are doing a spa day to celebrate our various birthdays next saturday so you've got me in the mood!

nitebird said...

wow babe the photos look great,the tree is brilliant

Karva said...

WOW Eva that SPA looks amazing and so relaxed :) love the book for your mum, it is so classy :)


Elisa said...

Beautiful album, love the sepia colours, it looks like you, our mum & friends had a great time there.

Lynn said...

really lovely mini album Eva.