Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wowzer, what a weekend! It was non stop! Shona has gone off withy her dad for 2 weeks holiday and while at first I was feeling very lonely I soon realised I had so much freedom :-) - still love my baby, but will have withdrawl symptoms when she comes home!

On Sunday I returned from Co.Clare (visited my fabby sister, drinks, chat and a little bitching) and met up with Viv at the local pub for a few drinks with her family. This is something I normally wouldn't do because Shona would be coming back on Sunday evening and I prefere to be drink free! After the pub I headed off to Viv's for scrummy food her gorgeous hubbie made (along with some yummy starters from the local indian). But before the food her two beautiful girls posed for a few shots. It is so refreshing to take photographs other than Shona, the cat and myself.

Just look at those beautiful eyes :-) looks like butter wouldn't melt, Ha!

This one reminds me of 1980's punk with attitude - which so suits her personality!

I've recently discovered Gimp, which is free to download and is excellent for editing images.

Tonight I'm heading to Ber's home for dinner a little photography. She joined the Limerick Camera Club last year and is loving it. We had such a laugh last wednesday using a slow shutter speed and writing our names with light, will have to post those up soon.

Ciao for now!

Eva x


Jackie said...

Gorgous photo's Eva, very arty. Would you recommend the Canon camera then?

elisa said...

Eva, the photos are brilliant! I love the girls' portraits, I think their personalities shows through.

gertie (aka aine) said...

im loving your work babe!!!

enjoy your little bit of freedom.
i know you will miss your princess like mad, but it's nice to get some time to yourself too!