Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMG, 2 in one week!

I'm on a roll! Wonder how long this will last? :) Anyways below are a few photos from my trip to Brussels last week for work. Training and team building we were told.......Hmmmm! The first photo is all my marketing peers, one from each country, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy etc etc. We had just arrived to Ardennes after a meeting in Brussells. Here we are chatting, catching up since our last get together. The sun was shinning, we were a little tired from our trips but once we were served our glasses of champagne we started to relax (this is work by the way).

Then came the news that we would be cooking our own food.....a 3 course meal... trout, lamb, veg, dessert... We were given an apron and hat, for health and safety reasons of course, not to make us look silly. I wore mine a la Beret, here I am with Ana (Spain) & Paula (Portugal). We were also supplied with a glass of wine just so we wouldn't feel so silly.

The the French speaking chef gave us directions (translated by Anne) on how to do julianne of vegetables (properly). We celebrated by drinking a glass of wine. Then we learned how to skin and debone a fish. Then another glass of wine. We were showed a few more really great cooking tips but I can't remember them.... Then we were told to start preparing the food...... 3 hours later (maybe it was only an hour or so) we sat down to eat. We were so hungry and tired (and some of us had alot of wine in us) that we didn't care what the food was like, considering the nearest take-away was over 200km away. The food was delicious!!!

The next day we had our training session (real work). Then at about 2pm we headed off for our team building exercises.....Hmmmmmm! Wild Trails it was called. We were split into 2 groups and off we went into the forest. our first task was to build a bridge over a stream with 4 long logs, 4 short logs and 8 ropes. When the bridge was finished we had to go to the other side pushing a jeep... Yes a JEEP! And all this had to be done in 45 minutes. And what a team we were, just under 42 minutes!!!!

Next we were blind folded and ahd to find and make a perfect square with a rope, while holding it :) And loads of other tasks like rock climbing, abseiling, yadda, yadda. After all ourt hard work we were treated to a Bar-b-que and wine. We chilled for a few hours and then it was off into the forest using a torch (flame kind) to light our way. We were led to a teepee made of logs where a woman surrounded by Jamba drums taught us how to play... this i loved and now I want a Jamba drum :) At 1am we headed back to our abode for the best nights sleep.

The scenery surrounding where we were staying was amazing. I got out with Micela (Italy) for about 30 mins walk and a few photos (nothing decent as I had my small digital with me).

Our last day was more meetings and then off to the airport to wait 6 hours for my flight. I got into Bewley's Airport hotel in Dublin at 12 midnight and completly shattered.
Before I could get home to my sweetie babes I had one more engagement... The Mid Summer Mega Crop. And boy was this Mega!!! Donna and her family are so sweet and she is one talented girl! She entertained us with really witty stories and her teaching was so professional. I loved her class (pictures to follow when its done). Lance from Rusty Pickle gave an intense 3.5 hours of paper engineering. A great Kit with brilliant techniques. Thanks to Annamarie and Lainey for getting these two talented people over from the States :)
My creative juices are flowing again.... Yipee! I had this photo of Shona that I wanted to scrap for so long and I got it done tonight!!! I used the Colour-Me range from Luxe to co-ordinate with her top and the rest just came together.

Right, off to the labba. I need my beauty sleep for my one to one photo course tomorrow. Sleep well x


Kate said...

Gosh I'm exsausted reading all that!!! Looks like you had a fabby time, the pics are great!!!
Can't wait to see the finished classes that you did.:-)

Tigger's rambling said...

Wow Fantastic photo's-looks like you had a great time. I love the lo of Shona :-)

Neasa said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend Eva. Bet ye had a ball cooking the dinner. Was there anything left to drink WITH the dinner?!!!! Love the photos you "fixed" in the above post too. Wish I wasn't such a technophobe!!!