Friday, June 13, 2008


...Its been less than a month since my last confession, ahem i mean post. So whats been happening?

June Bank Holiday weekend: Shona, 2 of her friends and I headed to the Burren Birds of Prey in the Ailwee Caves centre, it was fantastic! The girls and i loved the display, I highly recommend it. The birds are in fantastic enclousures, plenty of room and so clean! Afterwards we went to the farmhouse to buy some yummy cheese. Then we got on the road again and headed to Lahinch for tea and a dip (toes) in the water. Then it was off to Quinn to say hello to my sister, then back home for bed (10.30), phew! We kept going all day and had such fun!

The Sunday of the bank holiday it was off to Tralee with my cousin for our Aunts 60th birthday. Shona asked to come when she heard it was a party, i jokingly said I'd be the youngest one there.... how right I was. By 11am the party was finished so us two young (ish), free (ish) and single gals headed out on the town. The Brogue Inn was brilliant, great late bar with brilliant music. I even met Maura there (* waves at Maura*). B ack in the lobby of the hotel we met a gang of other residents, we kept inviting anyone coming in the door to join us. The drink and sandwiches kept on coming. At 5.30 i headed to my labba. Early the next day (no hang over without the ciggies) we went to Blennerville, all of 2km from the hotel and I got this gorgeous image of the windmill... Look at that stunning sky, and those fluffy clouds!

The camera club has finished up for the summer but a few of us have decided to meet up over the next 2 months every other wednesday. We have a time table of places and things we would like to photgraph, our first evening was Macro in the peoples park.... but the flowers weren't in bloom :~ so when we eventually got out of the park (we were locked in for awhile) we headed down to the river and stayed there all evening and into the night. Below is my fav, as the sun was setting over my left shoulder the glass of this building acted as a reflector, cool!

Our garden is becoming a little piece of heaven. Both Shona and I have been working on it to tidy it up and bring the plants on, the wether was so bad last year that they really didn't get a chance. Last weekend we bought one ofn those swing benches with the canopy and I have to say both Shona and I love to sit, swing and talk all evening on it. Its been the best investment (paid for by being off the smokes 4 months - in 7 days it will be 5 months). Our strawberrys have blossmed with the sun and rain. I picked a crop during the week and there is loads more to be picked, not bad for a city gal :)

Scrapping at last! Can you believe it... i think Crafteire in Feb was the last time I scrapped. While taking apart the box the swing bench came in i noticed the card board and deciede not to re-cycle it all. I've kept enough to make two books. The photos are of Shona and her friends on our Clare day out. I really enjoyed tearing and painting. I aslo used the bind-it-all. This format was inspired from a mini book I saw somewhere (can't remember...)

Finally, last tuesday while driving to Galway i rang Patricia, my best friend from the age of 4. When we moved we lost contact but did meet a few years ago briefly in a shop. Anyways, Patricia and her hubby were in Kilorglin recently and she found the cottage (we would have gone down nearly ever weekend as kids). She met my dad who knew her straight away even though its been 25 years.... gosh i feel old. So she gave them her mobile and I rang her last tuesday, we talked from Bunratty to Kilcolgan (thats about an hour). We're going to meet up as soon as possible. I can't wait. I told her all about scrapping and I think she'd love it. Anyways Patricia, here is the photo I was telling you about:

So, as you can see its been a very quiet few weeks. I'm ready to chill for the weekend, if you're looking for me I'll be in my garden on the swing bench drinking cider out a champagne glass :)


Parrrrtricia said...

Ah Eva - I have never seen that pic of us!! So lovely to see it. I remember that fireplace! I've just shown the photo to Eoin - LOL!!! What a great picture - I'll have to get a copy of it from you. Love all your other pix too - great colour in them all - I love the strawberries - mmmm, yum!!
I'd love to blog - I'll have to get something going soon. I must send you some photos of E&me - text me your email and I'll send some off over the weekend.:) :)
PS how weird that I was posting at the same time!!

Audrey said...

Eva your photos are amazing!!!

The recycled book is fab too.

Neasa said...

....Sipping cider out of a champagne glass. Priceless!!!