Friday, December 01, 2006

1st December

Happy First of December.... I have major plans to make this the best Christmas EVER... mind you I say that every December 1st , then next thing its Christmas Eve and nothing is done. As we are having Christmas in my house this year I want to chronicle as much of the holiday as possible. So camera and 5x5 album are both at the ready to be inspired.... On the subject of inspiration Coco is doing a wonderful project on her blog, i may not be able to do something every day, but will be certainly be using as much of her ideas as inspiration for the Christmas Journal.

In the meantime my Social life is gone from 0 to 60, its like a feast or a famine, between the Dream Ball last weekend, 2 Birthdays this weekend and a Christmas "Do" next weekend I'll be exhausted. Oh I love this time of year :-) all I need now is someone to kiss under the mistletoe :-x

Ok, so the plan for the weekend is:
1. drink huge amounts of beer
2. have a hangover
3. sleep til 12
4. Get Crimbo Deco's down from attic
5. Clean the house some what
6. and if there is time left over .............. might get a bit of scrpping done :-)

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