Friday, December 15, 2006


John (Shona's Dad): I have a note here in Shona's bag to bring in her Elf outfit tomorrow

Me: Her What????

John: She's the 4th Elf in a christmas play, she needs to bring in her outfit tomorrow.

Me: Wow, just got a feeling of Deja-vu, right I'll be there in an hour.

This is how the conversation went on wednesday at about 5.30pm, just as I was finishing work for the day. Now where was one supposed to get a cheap elf outfit at this time of the evening??? I headed off to Dunnes Stores in search of anything green or red, trying to picture in my head what an elf looks like, surely anything green and red would do!?

The only thing I could find in the right colour was a green ladies 3/4 lenght sleeve v-neck in a size 8-10 (its been soooo long since i bought anything in a size 8-10, LOL).

When I got to John's I sent him searching for a few other things like a brown belt, some boots, a red top and a santa hat. Et Viola, one little Elf.


Tigger's rambling said...

What a cute little Elf :-)

Lynne.x said...

Well done Eva - fab Elf outfit. Shona looks soooooo cute.

Jan said...

She looks fab eva. Ur great for the costumes in fairness

CoCo said...

Cool costume....and at short notice - good going, but isn't that what being a mum is all about!