Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Waiting for Mr Postie

I'm sitting here waiting for Mr Postie to arrive, not because I'm waiting on scrappy parcels or even more Christmas cards, but because I've a little pressie for him :-)

Yesterday, as part of my unemployment, I decided Shona and I should Bake! I haven't done any baking for about 4 years, mainly due to work and being so knackered, LOL! And I must say its like riding a bike, except you can't back pedal when baking. We made Banana Bread and aslo Choc Chip cookies :-) We had loads of cookie dough left over so this morning at breakfast I cooked the remainder of the dough. They were in the oven a little bit too long :-) but sure they still taste sweet (must be all the sugar). So this year instead of an envelope of money or a bottle of vino, Mr Postie is getting a box of cookies (slightly over-done ones).

I've set myself a challenge! While going through the wash basket, which holds clean clothes that neve find their way back upsairs , I found a jumper I had shrunk over the summer. I was about to through it out when I decided to re-cycle it. I have an idea of what I'm going to do and I'm giving myself 24 hours to come up with a Christmas gift for my sister (along with her altered journal).

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