Monday, December 04, 2006

3rd December....

... i know its the 4th but was slightly hung over on Sunday and really had to finish my list of things to do over the weekend...

1. drink huge amounts of beer x2
2. have a hangover x2
3. sleep til 12 (10.30 and 9.30)
4. Get Crimbo Deco's down from attic Done
5. Clean the house some what Done - to be honest 2 rooms
6. and if there is time left over .............. might get a bit of scrapping done :-) No :-(

Our tradtion (of 3 years LOL) is to put up the decorations while watching the re-run of the Toy Show, which we did again this year. Shona as usual helped with the first few decorations but after awhile it was left to me, which of course i don't mind :-) Another tradition we have is to have little crackers on the tree (2 euro store types) and Shona gets to pull a cracker every day on the run up to Christmas day. This year we have Dennis the Menace, Shona's favourite character!

Anyways here are a few photos of our Christmas Tree:

My favourite decoration: I love this little angle, her knitted jumper and her wooden wings. I bought this while I was working in Carraig Donn about 3 years ago. She doesn't get put up on the tree but has pride of place on the mantle.

Over the next few weeks Shona and I will pick up a few new decorations which will get added to ther tree :-)

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Kathy said...

YOur tree looks fab - I guess you won't be scrapping with those photos eh? yeah right, they look already cropped and ready to print!

Love your little angel, she's so cute - actually both your little angels are pretty cute ;-)