Monday, November 26, 2007

Cork Crop

Wow! What another fantastic crop from Caroline! It was an early start with a late night before up until 2.30am with Annamarie, catching up on her trip to Scarpaganza (I am so going in June). We collected Ber on our way and really missed Kate (*sniff) hopefully she will be with us on the next trip :)

What made this a wonderful day? There was a few things actually! Tigger arrived with Bronwen, it was so good to see them both with everything that has happened over the last 2 weeks. Tigger was a vision of orange loveliness and such a ray of sunshine!!! Annamarie's shop is just amazing!!! Imagine all the stock was outside my house the night before and I didin't insist she unpack it all for me to have a quick peek :O Carolines class was brilliant! A tansparency mini book in Autumnal colors - yummy! Once I have it finished I pop up a photo.

We finished off the day with a gorgeous meal in Corbetts Court near Charleville. The chocolate fudge cake is to die for! I would recommend it to anyone!!!!

Right back to work, talk soon :)

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