Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh it's been such a long time since I updated the blog, just such a busy time at work and by the looks of it it won't let up until next June. When I think back to this time last year, when I was working with the charity, knowing it wasn't going to last, I realise how lucky I am and I'm so grateful and happy with where I am now today :)

This weeks Scrap West was Changing Colours. I picked a colour I normally wouldn't use (baby blue) and teamed it with some of what I would use (pink). The "S" shape was to create a sort of balance on the page but in a fluid way. The idea behind the journalling came from my last marketing trip... "This is not a..." I am thinking about doing an album called "This is not an Album". The idea is to describe the item/person etc in a way that gives it more a personal feel. Looking forward to this.

Every second wednesday I am at the Limerick & District photo club, where we either have a competition or a visiting speaker. At the moment I find it diificult to sit for 2 hours solid and listen to someone talk technical after putting down a days work. I know it will get more interesting over the next few weeks. Below are some shots of the family business which rolled into the local shopping centre over the mid term. The next competition is called movement, so I may enter it this time.
The Bank Holiday Monday, Ber and I headed off for the day and drove around Co. Clare taking some nice Autumn shots. Mind you the first two shots were taken beside where I work.
As part of my Christmas gifts to friends and family I am doing a little photo shoot for each of them. I managed to get 2 lots done over the Bank Holiday weekend, mind you they haven't seen these yet and I know Viv will be on the phone (or email) as soon as she sees this :) I love this shot, aren't they such a gorgeous family :)
I had such a laugh with John and Ray, I think this was such a chore for them but I got some fab shots of the two of them :)

Shona and I are heading off to Kerry tomorrow for the night to see my parents. Have to bring the laptop to do a little work for meeting next week, mind you I don't mind one bit. I so love my job!

Enjoy the weekend all!


Kate said...

Love your take on the scrapwest theme. Your photos are fab, I actually saw the big wheel when I was coming home from Limerick a couple of weeks ago!!!

Tigger's rambling said...

Great photo's :-)
Viv has indeed got a very gorgeous family and don't Ray and John look fantastic :-)

Enjoy your weekend

Beckie said...

Wow Wow Wow! Those photos are FAB!
Have a great weekend

Neasa said...

Brilliant photos Eva. The B&W are really striking and your friend does have an adorable family.

Lainey said...

Amazing photos Eva - Viv will be thrilled as will the guys! What a great Christmas pressie!