Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 3

I think today has been a little easier!? Ok maybe not, I still have this feeling that my limbs are about to fall off, my stomach has constant knots, I feel I need to itch but can't find the scratch.... this has been the hardest thing I've ever done! But do you know what????...... I don't smoke! I'm a non-smoker!!!

Day 1: 24 hours of completley thinking about smoking (or not smoking). Went to Curves, drank loads of water & herbal tea, chewed chewing gum, went for a walk after tea, went to bed early and read a book about de-stressing (i used smoking to de-stress). Awake 5.30am... day 2....

Day 2: The cravings were a little more difficult to deal with today. Went to Curves again at lunch time, just to keep myself busy. Was up really late last night 2am, awake 6am.

Day 3: This morning I felt "wow! I don't even want a smoke, i'm not even thinking about smoking..." then i got out of bed! LOL! Eating rice cakes while I type... yuck its like airy cardboard. Anyways off to Curves after work, getting some ingredients to try for my experimantal food for the smoke free soiree on sasturday night.... I'm thinking tarts for the tarts, hee hee!!!


Kate said...

Keep it up girl, you're doing GREAT!!!

Audrey said...

Well Done - you can do it!!!!!