Saturday, January 26, 2008

i love cash

while on MSN with Tigger and Evonne i cranked up the volume and listened to Mr Cash, that mans velvet voice is amazing i could listen all night! You can hear the passion and the pain in 9inch nails song Hurt, wowzer!


Evonne said...

Hey Eva - nice chatting to you! Totally in awe of your last LO - your Painting is fab!! Loving Mr Cash too..........:)

noelle said...

Love your Paint LO's Eva, stunning, and love Mr Cash too and Mr Phoenix!!

Lainey said...

You're really lovin' this paint course Eva -inspiring work missus!

That Cash vid gets me everytime I see it- makes the eyes mist up. So powerful - his lovely wife died 3 weeks after it was filmed. TFS

Audrey said...

I didn't know a whole lot about him til I saw walk the line -what a brilliant film and amazing story