Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 3/4

Day 3: After Curves Ailis and I went food shopping, we were thinking something fresh and delis for supper. Salmon, baked potatoe and spinach.. yummy, oh and a small glass of vino :) After dinner as we were chatting Ailis pointed out that I was playing with my gloves... pulling at them, rolling them .... without thinking i was trying to keep my hands busy. it was so funny. next thing i knew i was wearing the gloves... i didn't even notice putting them on :) whatever was happening it was working!

Day 4: This week in work has been difficult, i was thinking today that i haven't smoked during a really stressful time. I didn't go to Curves today, my body was exhausted and needed a break! I had a lovely brown bread salmon sandwich at lunch and salmon with pasta for tea.... i think i'm all salmoned out, LOL.

Tonight Shona and i headed out for a walk and to buy the ingredients for saturday's nights dessert, then my little helper and i spent the next hour making the most unusual dessert. Can't wait to have a slice :) I'll post up the recipe after the weekend. As a treat tonight i soaked, scrubbed and lathered in cream the soles of my feet, ahhhhhhh bliss oh i'm so worth it!


Neasa said...

Well done Eva. We're all rooting fot you!!! Go girl!!!

Evonne said...

Eva, you are doing brilliantly! Just remember the first few days are the hardest! It gets easier with every day that passes!

noelle said...

You're doing great Eva :) You've been tagged over on my blog. I hope you're enjoying your dinner party tonight!!