Monday, September 08, 2008


Wow, its been ages since Viv, Fiona and I sat and talked, it was like old times. The girls called this evening and we had such a laugh catching up on all the gossip. Both girls daughters started secondary school this year, i can't believe it! I still remember the time the 3 of us dossed from school and sunbathed out my back for the day.... While they were here I showed them some photos I had printed out of their first time Geo Caching. The plan was to do a DLO 8x8 with the series of images, typically i changed my mind after I cut up all the card, hee hee!

So with the 8x8 card already cut i had a choice... i could use 1 image, but I had a series of them that i loved and I wanted to add a good bit of journaling too... It took awhile but eventually i came up with a type of overlapping LO where i could all my photos :)

This is my favourite photo, it really sums up the laugh we had. Don't you just love it when your friends willingly pose for photographs and give you good material to scrap. Lurves you girls and thanks for permission to post these up, I hope you like them :)

Ciao Bambinos :)


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Love the Lo's and the photos and Shona has gotten so big :)

thanks for the welcome back
chat soon