Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shona & Eva's Day Off

A lá Ferris Bueller, hee hee! Only difference is that my boss knew I was leaving for the day. Late monday I put in for today off, only beause the weather was fantastic! When i told the little woman she was soooo excited! She even went to bed early on Monday!!!

We had a little sleep in but I was eager to get on the road as early as possible, there was so much to do! We headed to Ennis and did a Geo cache called Cappucino, it was a nice find and is actually only our 4th... seems like we've done so much more!

On the way back to the car, Shona got to feed some hungry/friendly pigeons, thanks to a couple who were giving them at least a loaf of bread! Just before this Shona told me that pigeons are flying rats.... I wonder would she get this close to a rat, hahaha!

We decided (Shona, lol!) 1 geo cache was enough and headed off on the road again, this time in the direction of Lahinch. We were both so looking forward to going for a long walk soaking up the rays. We got parked right beside the Aqua Park (with pleas from her nibs) and off we toddled to the beach, only to find that the tide was in.... hahahaha! Murphy's Law!

So change of plan:

1. lunch in O'Looneys, with Shona checking the tide every few minutes, just in case!

2. Another geo cache, more sighs at first, but this one captured Shona's imagination. St Bridgets Well is such a magical place (in a religious way) with loads of prayers for sick or dying people. It was a little sad but there was such hope here too. Shona also found this cache, which made it that more special.
3. A visit to Evonne in Lisdoonvarna Library (hi Evonne). We had a lovely cuppa with her and she gave Shona the cutest little bag with a poster and book marks (lucky thing).

4. Then it was back to the beach to enjoy a couple of hours, walking, talking, splashing, messing and of course plenty of photographs. Even Shona got into taking a few shots :-)

This was the perfect opportunity to capture some beach shots, whether it was of Shona playing in the sand, or one of the many surfers, I could take my time and just snap away :)

As the sun was going down, I knew I was going to capture some nice shots, it was the first time I was on a beach, at sunset with a camera...

... a perfect end to such a perfect day!


Cook22 said...

Top marks for taking time out to enjoy life and the late summer!! I love that shot of Shona with the reflections in the sand, and the surfer. Heading to Clare in a couple of weeks and hoping the weather stays good.

JACKIE M said...

Great shots Eva looks like you and Shona had a fantastic day =0)

Lainey said...

Wow what a great day you both had! Love the beach photos - some fab shots to scrap!

Beckie Dreyer said...

Rock on to cool mums! You guys look like you had a special time! Great pictures! Love the first one of you two together