Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Market

Early this morning I decided to head to the market. I love the food there, tarts, chocolate, humus, sundried tomatoes, cheese and bread. This time I brought my camera too with the idea of taking a few shots of the yummy produce. It is a great opportunity to photograph various food stuffs :-) The light was perfect too, a little over cast but still perfect.

After the market I headed to John & Ray's for our usual tarts 'n' coffee. I was telling them about my photography one to one next week with a view to taking portraits. They kindly said yes to act as my models over the next few months while I practice. I brought out the camera and took a few shots of them (I'm sure they won't mind if I post a two up). The lighting was really poor ('twas raining) and I didn't want to use a flash so we took the images as close to the window on a setting of F5.6 and 1/200. They had to be lightened slightly in photofiltre but I'm still happy with the images considering the conditions.


CarolineO said...

Girl, what are you doing to me with the pics of that scrumptious food!!! What is that sun dried banana thing, is it food or soap, looks divine either way!
Whit woo to the two handsome dudes!!! Great photos Eva. you're a natural!! David Bailey eat your heart out!!

Kate said...

LOVE the pics Eva, the food looks fantastic and the portraits are FAB. Great job, so glad you're enjoying the camera.

Audrey said...

That second portrait shot is great even with the challenging light!

Just had dinner, but, DROOOOOOL - that food looks YUM!