Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brussels photos

The quality of these shots are only ok, it was dark, I had no tripod and had a few drinks under my belt (LOL!) so I'm quiet happy with them considering. On tuesday night Joke (Yoka), Anne and An brought Nicola and I out for the most beautiful meal, afterwards the took us on a tour of Brussels. I got very excited when they mentioned Manekin Pis, my Dad had told me about him on my last trip, so I was really looking forward to seeing it.....

Manekin Pis - I was very surprised at how small he was, LOL, well Manekin means small man. I would have missed him if I wasn't with locals. Seemingly he is famous for peeing on a fire which stopped Brussels from burning to the ground - you see size doesn't matter LOL!

Janekin Pis is a piss take (hee hee - sorry) on Manekin Pis, she was built in 1985 and you would have to be with a local to find her, she's down a lane way near a few nite clubs and restaurants.

Grand Plaza is a huge square surrounded by amazing architecture, the above photo is the City Hall. At 11pm every evening there is a light show to music with the focus on this building.

This is the Gallery, a type of shopping centre in Brussels, it is very french looking. I love the height of the ceilings and the couple in the foreground show the dimension of the building.

At the end of the night the girls brought Nicola (seen on the right) and I to a little square surrounded by bars, there was even some guys playing bowls, very french. The locals really know how to live. I had a cocktail with rum, mint leaves, crushed ice and lime, it was scrummy (still can't remember the name of it).

The tour really made the trip worth while, ok I know I was there to work but I would hate to miss an opportunity to see local architecture :-)


Audrey said...

Great photos Eva - good you had a chance to see some sights too!

Kate said...

Eva the photos are fab!!!!! SO glad you had a good time