Friday, July 06, 2007


I find great comfort in sharing with people how I feel, not just the sharing to lessen the burden but also with them sharing similar stories with me. The comfort comes from knowing I am not the only person who has ever felt like this, it comes from seeing them happy now and knowing they got through the pain and are living life to the full. It comes from knowing that with each passing day the hurt will become less and less of what i actually feel.

I found a huge amount of comfort from something Orla said at Curves this week. It was time for me to be weighed and measured and I wasn't sure how I had done. When she told me that I had lost 6lbs, an inch off my waist and an inch off my abdomen I wasn't really surprised, as my appetite has not been the best recently. She asked how did I manage to loose that amount, I replied with tears in my eyes "heartache". She told me that when she last had her heart broken she lost a stone in 2 weeks, this felt like another revelation, I'm not alone, others have been through this. She quickly followed it up with "look at me now, I'm putting on weight because I'm so happy and in love" Hee hee!

Already I smile more with each passing day. I think less of the person who hurt me with each passing day and I know one day I will realise it has been weeks since I last thought of him. This is life. Bring it on!!!


Tigger's rambling said...

Just take each day and yes life goes on and it will have it's ups and downs....but in the end you have to live your life for you. You will smile and laugh and cry, but most of all you will live and isn't that what life is about {{{Hugs}}}

Kiki said...

Hi Eva. Just read your "Thank You" post in CS' Forum. Sorry I hadnt read your blog in ages !! I have loads of blogs bookmarked and I read them at random.
Hope you'll feel better soon...I had many heartaches in the past too, and I always thought I was never gonna get over...but I did! I found going back to my old routine helped a lot...getting used to do things on your own again..think it's the hardest part, but we all have survived..cry, cry as much as you need, let it all out...crying is one of the best you loads of relief...HUGS from me too.

Elisa said...

Hi Eva, I am a ocasional blog reader, too so I only found out you were having a rough time now. I think I know how you feel, as I have been there too, many years ago.
But things get better, it's great that you are feeling better and hopefully soon you won't even remember you've been so hurt.

Lots of hugs.

BTW, I think you're GREAT!!!!

CarolineO said...

See...every cloud has a silver lining....the silver lining in your scenario is the 6 pounds...well done girly!!

Lainey said...

There's that fighting spirit back go girl!

Karva said...

Eva so glad your starting to feel a little better.
WOW well done on the weight loss, you go girl :)